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Increase Online Traffic On Weekends

Feb 21, 2008
You might have gotten used to seeing hundreds or thousands of visitors on your site everyday, but you've also noticed a significant decrease in traffic every weekend. Experienced webmasters have learned to cope with this occurrence and not fuss about it, but for the beginner, seeing a considerable dip in his site statistics on a weekend day may be cause for alarm.

The reason for this is simple: fewer people use the Internet on weekends as compared to weekdays. Most websites - yes, even the popular ones - do experience a drop in traffic figures on Saturdays and Sundays, simply because a lot less people are on the Web searching for information or visiting websites and blogs for fresh content. But if you're really into maintaining your traffic status quo regardless of what day of the week it is, then I have prepared a few hints and tips that might be useful.

Use the Social Sites - A healthy dose of interaction with people in social communities will provide a big boost to your site's weekend traffic. Try posting on forums or blogs that are relevant to your niche. Social networks like Facebook, Multiply, Friendster, and MySpace can be extremely useful, as well as news sites like Digg, Reddit, and the like. If you have a blog, sites like BlogCatalog or MyBlogLog will be great venues, too. There are always a lot of people in sites like these. Plug your site in the right places and in the right way, and you can expect to see visitors on the weekends.

News on Weekends - Since I've already mentioned news sites like Digg and Reddit, I might as well expand on the topic a little more. If you can regularly add fresh content to your website during or just before the weekends and promote it on popular sites like Reddit, Digg, http://del.icio.us, and StumbleUpon, it will allow your own website to get increased traffic even after weekdays. Why? Social news sites like the ones I've mentioned above generally get lesser news on a Saturday or Sunday than they usually do during weekdays, so your new posts will get more attention.

Bloghopping - Actually, don't just jump from blog to blog; leave some comments, too. True, a lot of blogs don't update during weekends, but who says you can't leave comments on them anyway? And there are still several blogs that do update even on a weekend. Look for the ones that usually get relatively high traffic, read the posts, then leave a relevant comment. You'd be surprised at the amount of traffic this method can bring to your website!

Post or Publish On Weekends - If other blogs or websites don't update their content on weekends, be the one that does! Yes, it's true that fewer people use the Internet during weekends, but those people will appreciate seeing fresh content on your site and on their RSS feeds when they log on. If you yourself cannot find the time to post something new on a weekend, just prepare it in advance and future publish it for a Saturday or Sunday even.

There you go! If you have the time or the inclination to go for increased online traffic even on weekends, these ideas might be of help to you. Just drop me a line what you think of it or if it has helped you increase your online traffic in any way!
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