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Feb 21, 2008
You must have an idea of troubles you can face when your business uses large sized databases. It creates evils if database get slow downs. Inept databases make end-users infuriate as well stretches key business resources by making your people squandering the time and making you to add further labor to access and fix such databases.

There are some simple steps that one can take to make the databases more efficient. One need not be a software architect to undertake them. it can be made efficient through the use of database management software. By making the databases more efficient, one can actually save a great amount of time and money in the long run.

If you want to make your queries, start by building an index for each of the fields. What is actually happening when you perform this operation is that the machine arranges the data so it can most efficiently locate any individual record. This process does not alter anything to the user or administrator, it simply makes the database management software work more efficiently.

In most databases, most fields that people use in searches and queries should be indexed. Be efficient and do not spend time indexing fields that are of little use or are rarely or never queried. For example, in a high level payment system, it may make sense to index the customers’ names and their payment amounts, but it would probably be of little to index their internal identification numbers.

One strategy, although rarely used, is to periodically purge your database of junk data. This includes redundant and extremely old data as well as data that contains errors or even nonsense. Most database management software systems available today can be set up to purge junk data automatically.

The less junk there is in your database, the easier it is for data to be sorted through and searched without sifting through useless data. This also is beneficial to the overall performance of your database as well, making it quicker and easier to access, search, and sort. Data that is seldom accessed can be automatically archived, thus excluding it from routine searches and sorts. Over time this will increase your company’s efficiency, while decreasing labor costs.

A number of extremely simple steps can be taken to make your database operate more efficiently. By using today’s database management software, you can undertake these steps. It doesn’t take a software architect to run the operations that will cause your databases to run more efficiently. For most databases, most fields should be indexed. Index fields that people use in searches and queries. You do not need to index fields that are never or very rarely searched, sorted, or queried. For example, in a high level payment system, you might index customer names and payment amounts, but you would probably not index the customer’s internal ID.
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