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Get More Traffic By Writing Articles

Feb 21, 2008
Basically, what the search engines want to list at the top of any search result are websites that have what the searcher is looking for and that others have said is important. That means your webpage has to have the relevant keywords in it and it also needs to have significant links from other sites pointing to your site.

Article Writing Tips

Write about what you know. If you write about things you have experience with, you write with more conviction. This makes for better articles and more readers will want to see more of your stuff. And if you don't know much about a topic, then do some research to get more familiar with it.

You probably have a hobby that people would like to know more about. Articles on hobbies like photography, cooking, music, gardening are some that will get readers.

Try to keep your articles around 400 words. Attention spans don't last long, so make your point without getting too wordy. If you find you need to say more, try to split it up into another article. Think about what keywords you want to concentrate on for each article.

Focus on keywords - This aspect cannot be overstated. You need to optimize your article for keywords. Let your keywords turn into links back to your site. Include keywords in the headline, at the beginning of the article and a number of times in the main body of the text. This is essential for article writing success. But don't just load your article with keywords or it will not read naturally and search engines will penalize you.

After you have your article written and you are satisfied with it, you need to submit it to the article directories. There are a lot of them, and that is one way that you will get links back to your site, once your article is published at the directories. And as a plus, if you can supply unique variations of your article to other website owners, they will be more interested in adding your article to their website, which means even more links to your site.

If you take your time and write something readable and useful, you will find that many site and especially article directories will want to use your article. Every website owner need to supply their readers with useful information, and if you are the author that gives it to them, you will get the backlinks to your site when they publish your article on their sites.

You will need to wait before you see results. Search engines do not update their index pages frequently. They may even do it once every two months. Even 100 inbound links may not make much of an impact on your ranking. Maintain a sustained interest in article writing. You will see results soon.
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