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5 Solid Tips To Buy Ebook Internet Marketing Strategies

Feb 22, 2008
Are you looking to buy an ebook on internet marketing strategies, but don't know what to look for? Maybe you don't know what you want, need or would really benefit from... This is a common problem when starting out as an internet marketer. This article will give you great tips on what you can do when deciding on which internet marketing strategy you want to follow.

I'll dig right into the tips for you...

Tip Number 1: Expertise

My number 1 tips if finding a professional. You AT LEAST want a half assed pro, but in this case when it comes to REAL life money, investments and life changing stuff, it's smarter to advice to a professional rather than some "unknown". In internet marketing proof, evidence and experience beats everything.

Tip 2 out of 5: Proof

Can't stress this point enough.... PROOF. If you are a little bit into the internet marketin scene you'll soon learn that proof is one of the most important factors of all. It's sad, but true that most newbies can't see the difference between truth and fiction. It's easy to spot false evidence. "$100,000 in 30 days etc"... These are POSSIBLE, with VERY high amounts of experience. $100/day is more realistic to start and is very easy to obtain online!

Deciding Tip number 3: Credibility

Wow, big factor, again, credibility. This goes a long way with most previous customers and this is usually shown in forms of solid testimonials, blog comments and more. If you can google the persons name and find 1,000+ articles it's safe to say they know what they are talking about. If they run a blog in their name or business name that has a newsletter with proof, then it's safe to say they are legit. It's jaded out there, but these things make it a lot easier to know what internet marketing strategy ebook to buy.

If the site in addition to the previously mentioned points also has solid testimonials then it's easy to say it's legit. People have tried it and tested the product for maximum results. Are the testimonials credible? Are they normal people, experts or whatever? Whatever relates to you will be a solid testimonial... If they supply a webiste adress, image, audio, or video it's safe to say it's a legit testimonial.

Decision Tip Number 4: Overall Design

If the site has a nice header graphic and feels professionally designed then that's also a good indicator of a solid website. If on the other hand the website looks like it's created by a 5 year old, nah, not so much... Right?

Decision Tip 5: Other people are recommending the product.

This is a usual indicator of previous buyers and people who can vouch for solid information within. Things to look for are "reviews", "testimonials", "Success stories" etc using Google. If a person has 5-20+ reviews it's safe to say they are serious business owners who have gone great lenghts to find affiliate and JV partners.
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