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Internet Business Idea: How To Carve Your Own Niche By Riding The Coattail Of Successful Businesses

Feb 22, 2008
Struggling to carve a niche of your own?

Here's a business idea and detail strategy you can use for any online niche markets.

I got the idea, watching an interview with a businessman, on a local cable channel. (We will refer to him as Mr.P here)

Read it, think and more importantly use it........

You have seen ads like 'Buy _________ get a mp3 player free' ,'Buy ____________ get a camera free' hundreds of times. Right?

Yes! But so what ?

Ok here's how Mr. P's using the strategy..

He buys goods (mostly electronics) at a very cheap rate (much cheaper than their price here in India) directly from Chinese manufacturers in wholesale. Then he sells these stuff in bulk to the local established businesses in several cities in India .

Now the local business owners are always looking for ways to acquire more customers and often offers their customers free gifts for purchasing their product.

As these business owners need such products in bulk (to give away as gifts), they are happy to buy the goods from Mr.P in bulk at a cheaper rate.

The point to note here is, instead of trying to sell these goods to consumers directly, Mr. P has approached other business owners, who in any case needs such products.

By focusing his strategy to sell goods in bulk to established businesses, instead of directly selling them to the consumers, Mr.P has ensured a bigger profit level for himself and continuous business.

Undoubtedly the business-to-business market is a more reliable market and according to a stud,y it is supposedly going to be about five times greater than the business to consumer market on Internet.

Remember, most business owners are always looking for ways to get more customers and retain their old customers for repeat purchase.

So obviously, if you can position yourself correctly as the content creator for the existing online businesses, you will have more business for yourself than you can handle.

Here is an example for you to brainstorm....

Say John sells health related (physical) products through his online store. Now you can create series of ebooklets like 'Healthcare -The natural way, using your own garden'
or 'Granny's Poultices' etc.

Put them on CDs and sell these CDs in bulk to business owners like John.. John in turn gifts these CDs to his customer as an extra bonus gift .


What if you put together a special password protected site for John which he gifts his customers for no extra cost if they order his monthly consumed products, for a year in advance ?

Here's how it will work...

You set up this site one time, filled with goodies ( several niche site can be put together by using public domain materials also) and need not spend time on it more than once or twice a year

John buys membership slots in bulk from you.

It is a win win situation.

John gets more satisfied customers which is likely to result in repeat purchase of his goods.His customers will be delighted to get the extra benefit. You need not go for a hunt for your customers, as you can tap in the ready customer base of an already established business.

If you can do this for 5-6 different businesses you can have a nice multiple streams of income, zero marketing cost ,at the same time move ahead with your next project

Why your next product can be how you did it, i.e how you found the materials,how you created high value product out of it,how you contacted the business owners and
convinced them etc.

This could very well be the fodder of your next book which in turn will help you to bring more targeted prospects for your other projects, and ultimately may lead to your own consulting business 'how to create and sell products to existing business owners'
using your business model.

Think of it....With a little brainstorming I'm sure you can come up with more twist to this idea .
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