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Keep These In Mind When Searching For An Internet Business

Feb 22, 2008
You'll want to be making at least 75% of the commission on each sale. You don't want the person above you making all the money and your doing all of the work.

If you have to have hundreds or thousands of people joining your business to make any money, don't bother. These are matrix and mlm programs. Reaching those goals are impossible for most.

It's important for you to break even or profit from your first 3 sales. This is best way to get your business off to a good start.

If you have to go out and find people to come into your home for a sales presentation, thats crazy. I can't believe people still get suckered into this type of mlm.

A sales pitch 2-3 times a day means the company is only interested in selling you than training you. If you want to make money in the long run you need good training.

It's very important for you to be able to speak with the owners. You should know who your doing business with and how they are going to help you become successful.

Lotions, potions, and pills, I think not. They can't compete against name brands you can purchase at the leading retailers.

If a company is brand new or it's in pre-launch you'll probably be wasting your money. Most of the time these companies don't go anywhere.

Multiple streams of income opportunities don't work for anyone starting out. You need to get good at the skill of marketing one thing before expanding into other things.

Use your common sense and beware of the so called internet guru. They disguise themselves as an expert, but they really are jumping from program to program. Anytime a new opportunity comes on the market there in it and sucker all they can into it.

Look for a company that will teach you the skills of internet marketing on a weekly basis. If you are not taught the skill of marketing, then you are at the mercy of a company that claims they will drive traffic for you.

All your training should be done live over the internet. Successful companies offer this Monday thru Thursday and keep up to date on what has changed and what is working.

To your success, John Wallen
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