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Using Good Content As A Key Marketing Tool

Feb 22, 2008
Search Engines and Visitors are Attracted to Quality Content

Do you want to attract search engines and visitors to your website? Of course you do! The single most important factor to consider is the unique, quality content of your site and any articles that may be written to market that site. The success of your website positioning and your marketing efforts depends largely on its content. Lack of good content may contribute to a significant drop in search engine rankings and a loss of visitors brought in the form of targeted traffic.

Marketing your website using quality content can be simple and cost-effective. If you don't like the thought of writing your own content you may choose to out-source this task to a professional. Two good sources are elance.com or getafreelancer.com. You can always Google to find more choices! Prices may vary, but this is usually a relatively inexpensive option at about $5 to $10 per article. Keep in mind that the article should contain good keyword optimization, the same as your website.

Is Good Content Critical ?

Using quality content as an inexpensive advertising strategy is an essential part of an advertising campaign. This includes keyword research and optimized content. Of course there are other factors that lend to the success of a website, but good content is the most important one. Quality content can mean the difference between the success or failure of your website and your marketing efforts. A website rich in specific content that focuses on its niche market is much easier for the search engines to find. Focusing on content that is relevant to your targeted market is the key to ensuring that your website is responsive to search engines. Besides article writing you may consider posting at a forum or a blog. Some marketers may even choose to write an ebook about their particular market or product.

What Makes for Good Content?

Let's consider the following points:

This may sound obvious, but remember that the content must be related to the products or services that are being offered on your website. Also take into consideration that highlighting too many products on the same page can be a confusing turn off to your viewers and defeats your intent, which is writing content loaded with your targeted key words. And because writing content with the right balance of keywords is your goal, one web page per product is preferable and helps in gaining momentum in the search engine rankings.

2) Include the right concentration of keywords. This may require you to do some research, but it will be worth your efforts. Set aside some time and Google away! Word of warning here: Don't copy, imitate! Take the ideas and stamp them your own with your own style and personality!

3) Make your content relevant to the products or services as well as interesting and enticing. Your goal is to persuade your visitors to take action, whether it be to request additional information or to make that purchase.

Another practical idea would be to include new content in the form of how-to-articles or tips. Offering this type of helpful content to your visitors will keep them coming back for more. Of course, this content would be related to the website's theme, products or services as well and would add value for your visitors. Also changing the content on the website on a weekly or even daily basis can help by keeping it fresh and enticing your visitors to come back to find out what's new.

In conclusion, the emphasis for your article, your website, your keywords, and your marketing efforts is GOOD, QUALITY CONTENT! Your main goal is to attract search engines and visitors to your content rich, keyword loaded website. Be sure to remove outdated content, which keeps your website up to date and appealing. Your success relies on it!

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