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You Need To Focus On The Profits From Your Vending Machines

Feb 22, 2008
One common question that comes up for those that are considering a vending machine business is how many machines are needed in order to be successful. The answer to this isn't just as simple as saying a set number. Of course those that sell vending machines want you to think you need to buy a large number of them. This way they can make more money.

What many people have found out the hard way in a vending machine business is that you can have several machines and not be making any money. You can also only have one or two machines and be making a very good profit. This is due to the fact that your success depends on the locations of the vending machines.

The only way to make profits from your vending machines is to have all of the essential elements in place. This means you have to have the right places for them to be located. Really put some effort into securing high traffic areas. Don't rely on the salesmen to get you those locations. Chances are they are only going to get you a place that takes up space. You won't be generating the money you want to though.

You can make enough money with only a few vending machines to be comfortable if you go about it in the right way. In fact, if you are new to this type of business this is strongly encouraged. This way you can get the hang of things without being overwhelmed. You can really focus on where you can make improvements so you sell more products. As you do this you can start to think about buying more vending machines.

Of course people will be looking to see what is inside of each of your vending machines too. Make sure you offer a wide enough selection that they will buy something instead of just walking away. This is especially important if there are other vending machines in the area that are your competition. If your products aren't moving you will be losing money instead of making it.

Try to base what you will put into the vending machines on the location. You may find you can get more sales that way. Take the age of the traffic that you see as well as the types of businesses around into consideration. You will want to stock a vending machine in front of a health food store and a gym differently than you would one that is located outside of a school or a baseball field.

You also need to make sure each of your vending machines is working well all of the time. When they aren't working like they should you are losing money. If this continues to happen people will avoid using your vending machines. They don't want to lose money or not get the product they choose.

So the question you are asking shouldn't be how many vending machines you need to be successful. Instead the questions you should be asking is how to find the right locations, how to get good products to stock in them, and how to keep them operational. These are the keys to success that will help you have a wonderful vending machine business.
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Robert Farnham built a profitable vending business after starting totally the wrong way. He now writes about building a vending business and the pitfalls to avoid. Visit his website at My Vending Uncle for more.
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