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Are The Drinks You Get At The Coffee Shop Making You Fat?

Feb 22, 2008
Most people fail to calculate the amount of fat and calories found in many drinks featured at a coffee shop. They may be packing on the pounds without realizing that their morning double latte is what is causing most of it. They may be paying attention to the foods they eat but many drinks you can get from a coffee shop will have plenty of calories in them.

You don't have to avoid the coffee shop altogether but you may have to start making some healthier menu selections. It can be very tempting to just order one of the many drinks offered. Yet you should be aware of what they contain and how that will affect you. Most coffee shops offer plenty of alternatives for those that want a great drink but not all the calories or fat associated with many of them.

One of the easiest ways to choose something that is low in fat and low in calories is to simply switch to regular coffee. This may be quite a change if you have been enjoying flavored drinks and cappuccino each morning for quite some time. You don't want to get regular coffee though and then load it up with flavors, creamer, and sugar. That is going to defeat what you are attempting to accomplish.

If the thought of black coffee doesn't work for you there are still some options. Try to avoid flavored syrups though as they do contain a large amount of calories. They are also full of sugar that can make you sluggish from the start of your day. Try sugar substitutes and low fact creamer to make your coffee better tasting for your own liking.

Avoid the little additions at a coffee shop that add a large amount of carbs and fat though. For example you don't want to add a couple of shots of flavored syrups. Even a couple of ounces of them can double the calories in a drink from a coffee shop. Try out some new options so you can find what tastes good to you. While you may miss some of your old favorites, you will likely come across some new ones.

Of course the amount of times you place an order at the coffee shop matters too. If you drop in before work, on your morning and afternoon break, and at lunch you may need to cut back. While the coffee shop owner will really like it, you may find it isn't the healthiest of choices for you.

Cutting down the size of the drink you get can also help you to cut calories. Businesses have a way of enticing you to get a larger size due to the price only being a little different. This gives the consumer the idea that the largest size is going to be the best value for them. Yet it should be a good sacrifice to give up that value in order to maintain your figure.

If you aren't sure what all is going into the drinks you order at a coffee shop, take the time to ask. Be respectful though and don't do this during a busy rush time of the day for them. This will affect their ability to serve other customers waiting in line. Going to the coffee shop is very common but make sure you are making good choices there if you are concerned about your weight.
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