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Make Money Through Google Adsense

Feb 23, 2008
If you have a small website you can make a lot of money on it, you do not need an elaborate one, a simple small one will do where you can allow adwords to be pasted.

Google AdSense is very simple and it is very easy to earn money using this site. You do not have to bother with search engine optimization. The more traffic you get on your website the more money you can earn. All that you have to do is get in touch with Google and have to let them know about your website.

Google is a very well known name on the net and many companies want to advertise their products on Google. They are willing to pay good amounts for this and Google needs space for their ads. Your website can give them this space, for which they are willing to share their profits with you. Google AdSense is very easy to use to make money by leveraging your website's popularity. It helps to cover your website costs and sometimes make much more money depending upon your site's popularity. With Google AdSense and just one website, you can start making money today.

Let us see how it all works.

The technology behind AdSense was taken from WordNet. Java script is used to incorporate ads in a site. Whenever someone clicks on a Google adword advertisement on your website the company whose advertisement has been clicked has to pay a certain amount of money to Google. The amount paid per click is very small, maybe a few cents, but when it adds up after a month or a year you will find that you have earned quite a bit. It is a nice way to have a regular passive residual income.

To increase their AdSense income, webmasters use techniques like building the valuable contents of their sites so that they get maximum number of clicks on their advertisements. They use specialized web copy on their sites that generate more clicks, sometimes using traffic generating techniques that are not related to online advertising. People are adding pages to their websites to cash on this lucrative business. It is not that you will be making pots of money but it can add up to a handsome amount. With a small investment in the way of space on your website, it is a good way to meet some of your expenses.

There are some drawbacks also leaving some people dissatisfied. This is because sometimes Google pastes some public service advertisement on their websites. They are not paid for theses advertisements as they are not of a private company. As Google does not get paid for them, neither does the the website owner. Naturally, when these advertisements are pasted for longer durations it makes the website owners very unhappy.

Some search engine optimization firms have criticized this program as there are many frauds also connected with it like click fraud. Others include webmasters given lifelong bans without any good justification. Others are not satisfied with the mode of payment as Google does not pay until the amount reaches US $100. There is also controversy over who actually created this program, with certain Google employees claiming that they have been behind the creation of this program. All in all, however, Google Adsense remains a great way to earn extra money.
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