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Increase Attendance By Up To 25% With Custom, Credible Forms

Feb 23, 2008
You're not a programmer, but you've heard that online event registration will make planning your next event easier for both you and your registrants and increase attendance because registrants have instant access to all your event website and registration forms, without having to comb through multiple postcards and mailers. Most importantly, though, your registrants no longer have to worry about sending or faxing the registration form back to you, an action that can be persistently put off until it just doesn't end up happening.

Unfortunately, however, the concept of creating your own registration website and form is daunting for those of us, unskilled in the area of programming and who can - at best - pick our way through the more "advanced" functions of Excel and Access. Luckily, online registration has now become the most prevalent method of registering, and this has yielded a wide variety of online registration software that will help us create registration forms and websites customized to our events.

Personally, I prefer to work through such projects myself, finding it easier (and actually more fun) to play with the website builders myself so that I can get the look I want from my online registration form without having to constantly bug a third party with changes and suggestions. Of course, as I've already alluded, I am no programmer, so I think it is very important the my online registration company offer support and an easy to use website so that my "playing" with the builder doesn't become hair pulling, and getting slightly to angry with my innocent computer monitor.

So here are some factors I think are very important for my online registration software to offer: easily customizable forms that can be kept simple and up within minutes or that can have multiple options, including conditional logic for social events such as dinners and outings; event websites and registration forms that can be customized to match the event theme and colors of the event logo; and a support team that can help me if I just want to get something done quickly and without hassle.

Going online with your registration can increase attendance for your event while making your job easier, but it's highly important to make sure that your online registration company not only offers online registration software, but software that you can customize to your needs - without having to know how to program the next Google.

So, make sure that your online registration company offers not only amazing online software to ensure that you create event registration forms that will blow the socks off you registrant, but that it also offers customer support through multiple channels so that you can receive help whenever you need it for anything that might become an issue. Because your job is hectic enough without having to consistently struggle with poorly designed and difficult to use online registration software. If the company doesn't offer open, easy-to-access service before you even become a customer, then be wary of what they will offer you after they've already got you on the hook.
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Rachel is a member of the marketing team for RegOnline, a producer of easy-to-use registration forms, and a company dedicated to making event planners' lives easier.
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