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The Persistence Factor In Virtual Assistant Marketing.

Feb 23, 2008
The idea behind this article is to give you as many marketing ideas as possible whilst also keeping you clear of scams and other forms of bad marketing.

One form of marketing is much easier than all the rest but it seems the forgotten art where marketing is concerned.

The major trick is The Persistence Factor.

You may wonder what that is. Well it goes like this:

* On Monday you contact by mail or phone two clients you've not contacted for a while asking how they are and how their consultancy/business is doing. Don't get any heavier than that into the conversation just be pleasant and enquiring

* Keep an eye out for items in magazines and newspapers and on Tuesday send out those clips to any relevant clients with a note that you hope they are useful

* I say Wednesday for this item but Networking meetings happen on most days of the week. If you get invited go along armed with business cards. Listen to what is being said, take any business cards offered and use the back to make notes on what was said and exactly what they do.

* On Thursday phone some clients to ensure the work is going well or any previous work was satisfactory. If there were not any problems, ask for a testimonial and also more work if you have space in your diary.

* On Friday write all this up in your diary. See if you need to contact anyone else this week and make notes for next week. Track any new work you may have got directly from this week's actions.

You will see that you have made contact with many businesses, mainly while you were sitting at your desk. It took you only about half an hour a day and it may even have generated work the first week you did this. But we have not finished with the Persistence factor yet.

Now is the really cleaver thing - you keep doing this every week and it will get easier and easier.

Look at your week's diary and see how many people you have contacted. Now multiply that by 48 weeks of the year. The amount of marketing you are doing is huge, yet you are spending a few hours a week doing it. People will come to know your name and the name of your business. They will also know what you do and so your likelihood of getting work grows with every week.

The Icing on the Cake

There are many forums on the Internet. Not just for Virtual Assistants but also for the types of client you have. You can learn about your clients work by joining their forums and getting good background knowledge of their skills.

You can also get to know other VAs who may live on anther continent from you and occasionally you may get work passed to you from them. This has happened to me and I have passed work on to others. You can add 10 minutes a day on forums as a good marketing experience. I probably spend more than that.

So my first tip is - write down what you are going to do in your hour each day next week and do it.

Many famous people have been people of habit. They have set a time each day to work. They have followed this routine regardless and have produced items we now regard as important. Without a routine and the mindset to keep to that routine you will spend more time and achieve less.

Be Persistent if you want to be a busy VA - once you have started you will be amazed how easy virtual assistant marketing really is.
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