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Here Is One Startup Online Home Based Business Idea

Feb 23, 2008
Perhaps you are sitting at home today trying to figure out how you can make extra money online by starting an online home business. If you are online right now than you're certainly in the right place at the right time. In this article we want to talk about a start up online home based business idea that anyone can use to start making money today.

Our home based start up online business will contain three elements

1. A market targeting the Internet newbie.

2. A money making website that sells products geared towards this market.

3. An e-mail newsletter to follow up for future sales.

First of all let's talk about what an Internet marketing newbie is. This is a person, maybe such as yourself, that does not know what they are doing when it comes to Internet marketing. They are most likely "brand new" to online home business and are looking for information on exactly how to get started.

This is an excellent target market because if you can provide them with a lead by the hand program and help them get started, not only can you make money, but so can they. The downside to the Internet marketing newbie is that many of them do not have any money and therefore will not be able to create any income for you at first, but if you show them a system that works, and can prove it works, the money will follow.

You will need a money making website that sells products geared towards the Internet newbie because some of this target market will be willing to spend money on training. Your website will contain products to teach people how to start their own online home based business and become successful with Internet marketing.

By catering to this market you can create an income for yourself while helping other people do the same. Plus there is a never ending supply of people coming online every day looking for ways to make money, so you will never run out of leads.

We include an e-mail newsletter in our startup online home based business idea, because the fortune is in the follow-up. When it comes to Internet marketing some people have to see things as many as 5 - 50 times before they will actually make a purchase. By building an email marketing list that you can follow up with over and over, you can create future sales for yourself promoting to your list.

This is an example of one startup online home based business idea. When you analyze our idea you see that you can do the same thing for virtually any product in any niche. It is important that you pick a market to target that will allow you to sell products online, as well as via an autoresponder to follow up with.

Then you spend the majority of your time on advertising and promotion and getting traffic to your new website and email autoresponder. Once you get a steady flow of targeted traffic to your site the money will just start rolling in.
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