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Internet Marketing - What You Need To Know To Prevail

Feb 23, 2008
Surprisingly, many people don't know exactly what it is! Most times when people think of Internet marketing the first thing that comes into their minds is "It's a way of making lots of money fast by joining programs or selling stuff". Other people believe Internet marketing is nothing more than a bunch of schemes to scam people out of their money.

As a successful Internet marketing entrepreneur it bothers me see people having this narrowed mindset about this business. So I considered it would be great if I could clear up these misconceptions by writing this article.

First, most money making programs you see where you join and then have to engage a bunch of other people in order to make money is not Internet marketing. Usually they are nothing more than fraudulent Ponzi scheme and a good way to tell is by noticing what's promoted more, the product or the business opportunity, if there is even a product at all!

Joining an opportunity that promises that you will make dozens of cash by selling their product and recruiting others to do the same is not Internet marketing. These opportunities are called MLM or Multi Level Marketing. You can apply Internet marketing techniques to help promote these programs or anything else for that matter, but they are not considered Internet marketing.

Internet Marketing is being able to implement many different methods of Internet advertising to generate sales of numerous products or services. To be highly successful in this field a person must have creative skills and have at least some knowledge of the Internet - including basic web design, writing skills and most importantly advertising and marketing skills.

Some of the methods required to generate a response or to find prospective customers include search engine marketing, e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing, video production, email advertising and more.

A successful marketer is or tends to become a master in all or at least some of these techniques and usually includes all of them into an advertising campaign.

Being a skilled internet marketing entrepreneur means being able to actually take any product or service with potential resale value and find a market and then generate sales or leads for that product or service. The best Internet marketers know when they see a good product and this ability comes from experience or trial and error. Being able to identify a good service or product is one more skill that a talented Internet marketer must have.

So, you know, there is much involved to becoming successful in Internet marketing and there is much to be learned and practiced. It isn't something that will make you rich overnight, if you are just starting out; still, there are some fellow marketers that have been able to make it.

If you really want to build a solid career in Internet marketing there is lots of money to be made, but you will have to learn the game and invest the time and effort it takes to become successful.
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