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Mastering The Keyword Sales Pitch

Feb 23, 2008
Selling products on your website may sound like an easy task, but is actually quite complicated and difficult. Like traditional sales people, it's your responsibility to target consumers and convert your site visitors into customers; only you won't be using the phone to get your message across.

To generate more sales, you want to try and convert visitors of your site into customers in need of the products you sell. This is difficult to achieve from the perspective of search engines, but your website should be authoritative, organized, credible and encouraging of serious customers so that they'll buy your products. The easiest way to get these potential customers to your site is through keywords, which are entered into search engines by consumers looking for a specific product or service.

It's important to think of all the keywords associated with your products that consumers may enter when searching for a service. For example, if a customer is looking for a backpack, it's likely that they'll begin their search by entering the word "backpack" into a search engine. If your website sells only backpacks, it's obvious that your domain name should include the word "backpack" in order to generate the most traffic possible.

If the domain name of your choice i.e. backpack.com is already taken, think of variations of that keyword that will still attract search engines. For the word "backpack" there are several different domain names you could use: back-pack.com, backpacks.com, back_pack.com, back-packs.com, back_packs.com, ect. It's important to use a dot com domain name since it's easiest for customers to remember. A relevant and creative domain name is essential because it is your keyword and will have a great effective on your search engine rank.

After you've come up with a domain name, it's important to make sure that every other link on your page contains that word to reinforce your relevance and create even more keywords that search engines can use. This also applies for the content, titles, tags and descriptions located on your site. The more your keyword appears, the higher you'll be ranked on search engines. Try to think of all the words a consumer could associate with the product your are selling and spread those throughout the site as well. For instance, another word for backpack is book bag and it's likely that consumers will also enter that into a search engine when they're looking for a new backpack to buy.

When visitors located your website for the first time, it's incredibly important that the site have value and content, particularly if you're relying on your products to sell because of authenticity or uniqueness. You should be offering services or products that are useful to customers and at a competitive price, otherwise they'll go to another website. Offer them easy ways to understand your products or services by writing articles and posting them to your site. These articles can also act as a way to incorporate more keywords to bring more visitors to your site in the first place. Getting the visitors to your website can be complicated, but achievable. The hard part is offering a great product, price and service to actually make a sale.
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