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A Review Of The Most Popular Christian MLM Companies

Feb 23, 2008
Here more recently people who want to own their own home based business have turned to their faith, believing in Christian MLM Companies. Interesting how just placing a word close to god next to the name can really make people feel a lot more comfortable in the MLM they wind up choosing. Not to mention they get a chance to sell a "product of god" whether it be a service or something in hand.

So what can you find in some of the most popular Christian MLM Companies? One of the most important things you'll find whether a large company or not is many aren't of Christian worship. The goal here is to let you know how important it is to do the research on any company you decide to look into.

If you don't you may have to find out the hard way that the Christian MLM Companies you have chosen or plan on getting into are not all you hoped they would be. Look for things like, "Why do they used Christian in their title?" If you feel that faith is a real deal with this company you can always go to websites like http://snopes.com or rip-off report and get the real scoop if they're not true to their word.

This is not to say all Christian MLM Companies are fakes, frauds, or scams. Its not even to say any of them are. Just look into everything because you'll feel better that you did in the end. So, you probably at least want to hear at least about some of the good rapport some have built over the years.

GBB is better known as "Guided by God". Its one of the Christian MLM Companies out there that actually use their faith for the good. Selling different types of liquid vitamins and mineral supplements. A different approach then most, but an effective one to say the least.

The idea of the company is to basically sell you these kinds of products without it costing $60 a bottle to use it. They wind up costing the same amount if not less then the regular "take by mouth" vitamins you'll find at your local store. Which is great news for people wanting to sell such a thing.

At $19.95 per bottle people can not only purchase them for inexpensive prices, but this one of many Christian MLM Companies will let you keep $10 through your commissions. It doesn't matter who you are if you can get 50% of a product someone is going to use everyday, that is definitely something to give a closer look.

There is 10 formulas in one bottle ranging from stress relievers to immune enhancers. One of the things they touch on is the fact that kids can drink it before school without their being a hassle. Which makes a lot of sense. Overall its one of the Christian MLM Companies you want to believe in. However, you make the final decision so maybe you should go put your own criteria on it and see what you come up with. It might just be for you.
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