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A Review Of The Cash Gifting Program Elite Activity

Feb 23, 2008
Considered by its website as the "1st legal cash gifting system" at first viewing you feel a sense of the wealthy giving to the poor. Quoting important historic figures such as Martin Luther King Jr. and 18th century poet William Blake it will definitely spark curiosity. Keeping in mind this is not just a charity website but considered a "belief system".

If you have never seen a cash gifting program before there are some that have been around for 15 years on the Internet. Elite Activity began in 2001 when the online software became available. So how exactly does this program work?

When you get someone started with cash gifting, someone else is going to help you out as they gift you. Soon there will be lots of people gifting you cash. You will have just started the simplest way to earn online and you didn't have to start your own business. Your job in this activity is to advertise either online or offline using tried and tested marketing methods anyone can use. It is something that can be done when you have friends and family around. There are no hidden fees or expenses. This can be pursued part time or full time.

Basically when you join you give Elite Activity a one time $50-$650 gift in which a percentage of that goes to helping the poverty stricken across the nation. They take poverty tours and do other charitable work all around the United States. Giving you the full effect of helping someone, enabling them to lead an abundant life when touched by Elite Activity.

A cash gifting program that works in such a way that the IRS considers all of them legal due to gifting laws that are set in place. Any person can receive up to $12,000 as a gift from any one person or several people without that recipient having to pay taxes. Its a great opportunity for someone who needs it, and for you as well.

Yes, according to the website you too can get a turn to be gifted at some point. The program also has a tracking system so you may want others to join the program as well. Everything seems to be built on a cycle.

A cash gifting program that cycles you in with others and in the beginning you simply pay a $13-$16 fee depending on your subscription choice. After you subscribe you will receive an ID number which will allow you to join one of the cycles. Elite Activity suggests that its to the charitable persons advantage to join every cycle prospering the most.

You then have 24 hours to give your gift to the person's information they give you. Once they tell you of course how they would like their money with a variety of ways. A cash gifting program that will allow you to get money orders (or FedEx, Western Union, check, etc.)in the mail from other people for nothing.

Eventually you will be one of the recipients in the cash gifting program. As long as your at least 18 years of age. Are you ready to help not only someone else, but also yourself? If so Elite Activity may be the type of program you've been searching for on the Internet.
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