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A Review Of The Comparing Mlm Companies Video By Brian Winfield

Feb 23, 2008
Brian Winfield has a very unique video on comparing MLM companies that have been on the Internet for quite some time telling you about challenging the marketing strategies of your home based business. You may be sitting there wondering why this would even be an interesting topic. This is when I tell you, "Because its in your best interest" and Brian's approach is laid back.

Which is good to know that someone is sincere about helping you start comparing MLM companies and their market strategies. Someone that is willing to talk to about all aspects of the business good and bad, not just what you want to hear. Best of all he has really good points and topics about them so you can make your business successful.

Without covering everything that Brian talks about, he clearly talks within the first 2 minutes on the major issue of making you successful. Not necessarily by simply comparing MLM companies yourself, but more along the lines of doing what you believe. If the marketing strategies the company your working with doesn't work for you, tell someone.

Email the higher anarchies that run the company until someone returns your questions. Keep in mind there are several questions administrators address on a daily basis, but they will get to it at some point. When that is should let you know just how much its worth to work the home based business your in, or when comparing MLM companies.

Mr. Winfield doesn't really do any comparing MLM companies, but rather helps to teach you how to advertise and market the business. Letting you know that its up to you to make your business succeed and doing only what is asked may not be enough. Not to be afraid of trying new things.

When your finished watching the video you will come away with an eagerness to try a different marketing strategy. Why? Two reasons really, one because right now you aren't building your business with their suggestions. Secondly, because you may have thought you had great ideas and put too much trust into their ideas instead.

Strategy sometimes boils down to simple common sense. Work with your down-line and make sure they have all the essential tools to build their business. Make sure they are on all the most important training calls. Be available for 3-way calling for their prospects. Make sure they know how to train their downline so you can start taking more of a managerial role. These skills do not happen overnight, but it's important you get into the game and find out how it's played, the sooner you do, the sooner you will activate your GPS map to financial freedom and be on your way.

Don't worry, it happens all the time to many people so don't feel you were the first. Just work on making sure you are taken off that list all together. If a "warm list" makes you feel awkward don't do it. If pasting flyers on windshields in grocery store parking lots sounds illegal, don't do it. Do what is comfortable and you'll be surprised what you come up with. Brian helps you do that with or without comparing MLM companies.
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