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Ways To Kick Start An Internet Marketing Project

Feb 23, 2008
Without marketing, there would be no success. You could build the world's biggest and best theme park- but if no one knew about it, you'd be putting up the "Out of Business" sign sooner than you'd think. The trouble with most projects is that they aren't being marketed correctly- and likewise fail before they even get off the ground.

Marketing Success and Organization: Two Intertwined Variables:

You can hit marketing success without organization, but the majority of circumstances demand the opposite. A plan of attack needs to be formulated. Make a list of marketing options that are available to you, and attack each item with a sense of valor and dignity.

Common marketing options include search engine optimization, newsletter marketing, networking one's self with like-minded individuals, and advertising.

Once the plan of attack is carried out to a fair extent, there is a new variable: statistics. Each of your items in your list needs a way for you to measure how successful it is. Not every method available will work for every niche project- and thus, only you can decide which method of attack provides the most return on investment.

Targeting Specific Demographics: A Secret to Marketing Success:

You could show an ad for a pair of snow boots to everyone in the country of Mexico, and your return on investment will be much lower than if you had advertised to everyone in Canada instead. In this sense, a marketing ploy should never be engaged without first asking who it is you need to target.

Are you targeting younger or older people? Are you targeting the technical-savvy, or the less fortunate? You might even only target specific countries, as language differences are a brick wall in a marketing campaign. Have you ever clicked a link composed of a foreign language?

As with organization, demographics are a field that is entirely different from one niche to another. Likewise, we will need to incorporate some form of statistics tracking. Many ad campaign programs on the internet provide this type of functionality by default.

Appealing to Your Targeted Visitors:

If you can't appeal to a visitor, you can translate this failure into a lost sale (whether from a service, product, or other revenue-capturing source). If a presidential campaign can use grassroots ideologies to make rural-folk more interested in what they have to say, why can't you use the same ideas and theories to grab your targeted visitors attention?

As with our example, not every grassroots campaign will woo everyone over. Likewise, don't expect to do the same by optimizing your project for targeted visitors- but do expect a large benefit in traffic or sales as a result.

Characteristics of Success: Are You Within the Right Mindset?

The killing factor in every permanently failed venture is lack of motivation. You will succeed 100% of the time, given you are persistent enough and live long enough to see a project bloom. While we don't recommend pursuing the same project over you entire lifespan, all too many projects are ditched at the first recession in profits.

Entrepreneurial and motivational quotes are a must when trying to find reason to keep trucking. Only through learning about the failures and successes of others can we become more realistic about our own failure or success. Every single unmotivated entrepreneur will likely fail without the right successful mindset; keep this in mind every single time the thought of quitting surfaces.
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Becoming an Internet marketing success story takes time and effort. In order to enjoy any type of sales success you must have a plan in place.
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