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More Day Spas Are Catering To The Needs Of Males

Feb 23, 2008
Day spas aren't just for women, and the number of men going to them continues to rise. There are plenty of great types of procedures and treatments that men can benefit from. The most obvious one is to get a massage. There are so many different ones to choose from but all of them will make their body feel great. Men can become as stressed and full of tension as women.

You will find that sometimes men are just very cautious because they are uncomfortable with the thought of another man touching them. Even though they are professionals it is just something that bothers some men. Yet you can request for a female to do the work for you. Don't think that just because they are smaller that they will be any less effective it working out those areas of stress from your body.

Another type of procedure that has become very popular at day spas for men is waxing. They may find the hair on their chest to be unattractive and they are self conscious about it. They may have hair on their back that they are also embarrassed about. Waxing is much more effective than shaving. If you are talking about the back, a man just can't get to it with his own hands.

Some males do take part in facials and other types of skin treatments. They do this to keep their face hydrated and to look young. You may think it is only women trying to hide those wrinkles and lines but it isn't. Of course many of the day spas have special names for these treatments to make them more appealing to men.

One way to cater to the needs of males at your day spa is to make the dcor and atmosphere appealing to them. You can easily implement some concepts that are very attractive to both sexes. A man doesn't want to enter a day spa that reminds him of women getting all dolled up.

In fact, you will find in some areas such as Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City there are day spas just for men. Some of them even feature big screen TV's where you can watch sports while you get the various procedures done. These types of environements are definitely male oriented and they are doing excpetionoally well.

Right now approximately 30% of those that go to a day spa are men. It is estimated that this number will continue to increase over the next few years. They tend to be hooked as soon as they see what a particular day spa can offer them. The get past the embarrassment they may have once they realize what it is all about.

You can help your man to learn the many benefits of a day spa. Give them a gift certificate and let them choose the procedures they want to have done. You can go along with them and pamper yourself at the same time if you want to. Chances are they will love that you thought to give them such a personal gift.
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