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Blogging Confidential: Top Five Blogging Secrets

Feb 24, 2008
Blogging has become a very popular activity, for businesses as well as individuals. If you're interested in blogging, you'll want to know exactly what a "blog" is.

Think of a blog an instant-publishing Web site. It's a site in a chronological format, so that as new items are added to the blog, they push older items down the Web page.

When you create a blog, you hope that it will become hugely successful, with many hundreds of thousands of readers each month. When it does, you can make a nice income from those readers.

Let's get started blogging. These top tips will help you to create a successful blog:

1. Create a specific focus for your blog

Choose a topic for your blog. Your blog's topic can be anything that interests you, and about which you have some knowledge. Perhaps you're a keen gardener - if so, create a gardening blog. Or perhaps you get migraine headaches - create a blog to help other headache sufferers.

2. Write your blog items in a casual, friendly way

Try to make your writing as relaxed and casual as you can on your blog. Imagine that you're chatting to a close friend, or writing someone an email message. If you're writing a business blog, keep the casual feel: you want your readers to feel as if you're talking directly to them.

3. Decide how often you will blog

The more items you post to your blog, the more traffic (readers) you'll get. So blog to a schedule. You could blog once a day, or once a week.

4. Think about your readers: what do they want to know about your topic?

Although there's lots of information on the Web, readers are always looking for information that's specific to their interests. This means that you will gain regular readers if you provide them with good, useful information - or even entertainment.

5. Your blog is a conversation: encourage comments

Encourage your readers to chat with you and other visitors to your blog via the comments. The more readers interact, the more they will feel part of the community which builds around your blog.
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