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Network Marketing And Affiliate Programs-The Ingredients Needed For Success

Feb 24, 2008
You have heard about an excellent metwork marketing opportunity or affiliate program through friends and associates, websites, conference calls or even articles.You have made the decision to embark on such a pastime on a full time or part tme basis.As an opportunity seeker, you should be aware of certain factors before entering the realm of the home business sector.


Allocate at least three hours a day for business building purposes on a consistant basis.There are many ways to achieve this.For example, you can let someone else handle the daily household chores such as house cleaning, lawn mowing or even taking care of the children and pets in return for money.Television viewing can be reduced to the bare minimum.Only important emails must be read and internet surfing can be limited to the acquisition of business building information.Time is not on your side and should be used wisely.


Home businesses such as network marketing and certain affilate outlets require not only a starting fee but also an ongoing marketing budget.Most people in network marketing today miss this point.Just like traditional business ventures, marketing expenditures must be applied to network marketing opportunities.On top of all this, a data tracking system must be quickly put into place to record incoming and outgoing transactions.

Products And Targeted Market

Successful business builders in this industry are prosperous because of one important thing- the love of their products. Those who relish the prospect of just wealth and residual income will experience a rude awakening.In addition, you must know how to acquire exposure to your targeted market.This is a step by step process.Firstly, you should work out what the features and benefits of your products are.When this is done,you will be able to asses the groups of people who will benefit from the consumption of your products and services.The next step is to find out how to get exposed to these groups of people.There are tools at your disposal which enable you to do this such as websites, conference calls, webinars and selected lead sources.This process requires a great degree of application from the business builder and includes outgoing expenditures.Many network marketers choose not to execute these steps and, as a result, have to accept a certain lack of success in their business building efforts.

Compensation Plans

Compensation plan structures vary from business to business, but nevertheless have to be studied.The common denominator is that they are designed to pay business builders over the long term and not immediately.This is an important fact which must be understood.In other words, you have to acquire a certain amount of customers and downline business builders before the first payment is made.Some compensation plans offer lucrative bonus payments for new distributors on the addition of a certain amount of customers in a given period of time after joining these businesses and when certain levels in the compensation plans are reached.If you have no previous experience in sales or have no market which is readily available, the prospect of these bonuses can be forgotten. Compensation plans which pay over the long term are nevertheless the ultimate solutions to the problems because these are where residual incomes come from.

The solution for new business builders is to market something other than their primary businesses on the front end.Examples of front end products can be informational and educational items which are relatively easy to sell and can give the market place great benefits.Have a good look on the internet and you will find magnetic sponsoring and attraction marketing items which will give the chance and the ability to obtain an instant stream of cashflow while work is being carried out on the primary business.The internet and web 2.0 will enhance this type of activity.


Many network marketers view their downlines as individuals who are personally recruited into a business opportunity to distribute products and acquire other business builders who do the same thing.This might prove to be a mistake.The best way to view this duplication process is to look upon downlines as individual businesses.In this way, new recruits will receive help in getting into profit quickly.This will dramatically increase the retention ratios within organizations and thus retain the levels of residual incomes for all concerned.

Customer Service

There has to be a great deal of communication between distributors and customers on a continual basis.Examples of online tools for this task are websites,autoresponders,webinars and even videos on You Tube and My Space.Successful network marketers are even using online videos as tools for prospecting.Offline newsletters are also needed, hence the continual use of postcards.Potential consumers are always sceptical about their purchases.It is therefore important that business builders send their own welcome letters to new customers to greatly reduce this scepticism and thus keep the return rates to a minimum.These welcome letters are known as stick letters.Continued online and offline communication will also convert customers into business builders.
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