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Strategies You Could Use To Sell More Ebooks

Feb 24, 2008
The advantage of increasing your sales of ebooks on the Internet, is that you do not have to pay for publishing costs. Thus, there is no upper limit to your production. These tips can help you to achieve and increase your ebook sales.

You first have to identify the market, those people who are most likely to purchase your ebooks. To achieve that, first research the Internet and find out which ebooks are in demand and whether you can resell those ebooks. Then, generate an enquiry form on your site, where people visiting your site can answer a few questions about their preferences. This will help you in identifying and supplying ebooks according to the interests of your site visitors.

You can also announce a daily or weekly prize on the enquiry form to entice potential customers to fill it out. Once you have a prospective customer list, locate appropriate ebooks that match the preferences of those customers. Then send them emails regarding your new ebooks, along with a short description of each. This will generate increased business, or at least it will show your customers that you value the preferences they have indicated.

You can also up-sell your ebooks to existing customers, i.e. if your customers have bought ebooks on a particular subject, you can offer them more ebooks on the same subject, at a discount. Since these customers have previously bought from you before, they should be easy to make a repeat sale, and by offering them a loyalty discount they will feel that they have been rewarded for doing business with you.

You can also offer free ebooks to those customers who can furnish email addresses of 5 others. This is also a good way to increase your ebook sales. You can give the reference of the original customer, when you contact the prospective 5 new customers. This can give you a foothold into the prospective customer's inbox, when you contact the person to explain your range of ebooks.

Keep your expenses on a tight leash so that you can keep the rates of your ebooks at a reasonable level. Do a survey on the Internet to get your competitors rates of the same or similar ebooks. If possible, buy an ebook on the Internet from your competitor to get an idea of his services and his strategies in selling the product. Do not feel guilty about doing it since he or she might most probably be planning to do the same with you.

If your profit margins permit, then offer your ebooks to different trusted sites from where they can be sold to increase your ebooks presence in the market. If you are confident about a particular ebook, then you could also purchase the sole selling rights from the author. This move can slowly establish you as an expert in identifying and selling ebooks of particular genres and topics.

Hence, by surveying the market carefully and offering incentives to your existing and new customers, you could definitely see your ebook sales zoom to new heights.
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