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SEO Optimizing for Page And Domain Names

Aug 17, 2007
Domain and page names have an important connection to SEO for your websites. Domain names need to be highly recognizable and memorable when it comes to search engine rankings. The more relevant your domain is to your keywords, the higher it will be ranked.

Good, relevant domain names can still be found. Godaddy and Nathosting offer the best prices and easy search features for both domain name purchases and hosting. If you are going to buy a lot of domain names pick one of these and open an account. Not only are their discounts for account holders very good but the "preferred" customer service is excellent.

Your goal should be to own your domain rather than rent a subdomain. This allows you to perform SEO operations simply and easily and with better clarity. Most directories accept domain names only, as well. These are the sites that list sites on the web and you'll want to submit yours to these for top SEO rankings. Directories that do not allow non-domain names are there to protect an investment.

How do you pick a good domain name? Start by choosing one that matches your website theme. Your domain name and URL should reflect what you're trying to accomplish from your site. Choose one that will make people want to come to your site. Using the name of your company for your domain name also works. This is the fastest way of providing a good, quality description of what the visitor is going to see. Many visitors will actually consider your domain name the name of your company so name yourself well.

If there are several names and you can't decide, pcik the safest one. Safe is a better choice with SEO, espcially if it's your first website. You might consider getting some help from the people around you, as you never know what they might be thinking that could be great. You need to come up with a few ideas in case some are taken.

Many things with SEO optimization are fluid and change. Domain names are no exception. Stay away from hyphenated names and free domains. Google appears to be deleted these types of sites in the era of 2006 SEO techniques.

The preferred extension for domains is .com. Yes, there are losts of other extensions now but the ".com" designation is the most recognizable and today, still preferred. If you have to look at other use ".net" and ".org."
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