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Feb 24, 2008
A while back I needed to make more money, or at least felt I didn't have enough. So I started looking online, and what I found was a bunch of get rich quick schemes and money making websites. I am sure you've seen them. I also started getting emails about how I had won millions of dollars, pounds and euros everyday and of course I had to be qualified to claim my prize. You guessed it, being qualified meant me paying money.

Paying money to someone online is not a big deal, as I have spent much more than I should have on EBay over the past few years. The thing is, that I got to thinking about online business. To me, the thought of paying $20 or even $200 to start an online business or website or whatever, was cheap. In fact to cheap. Think of it this way. Can you buy an offline business for $20? Not that I know of, and besides, I see a problem with people promoting their $20 business. They don't care if they fail. I play poker 2 times a month, with a $20 buy in. I go there and never expect to bring anything home. The fact is $20 online is nothing. It is most likely a scam, and the fact that it is $20, they know you will just get a little mad about being scammed, then say, "oh well, I didnt get rich."

Now, what happens then if you spend $3000 online to start a business? Would you put in the effort to get it going? or think its a scam? So what about $1000?
I know most people would never spend $3000 online to start a business, it's just not human nature, we are lazy for the most part. Thats why lottery is popular and the $20-$75 get rich quick schemes that plague the internet. Me personally, I decided to start in the middle. $1000 is what I spent to get started, then I found out I had to do this for $20, then this for $10, and so on. But I have invested $1000 already so I had to keep going, just to try and get my money back.

What I found out is that making money online has never been easier. And it occured to me, no not in a dream, but while I was making fun of these $20 schemes claiming to make you a millionaire. That the people joining my team, were mostly people who had been ripped off for $20. So the first thing I ask you, is.
Be honest with yourself, how much money is enough, to make you put in the effort to succeed, and stop adding to the 95% failure rate of online business' ?

Listen, all the programs online work for someone, the thing is, you have to find which one is right for you. Or even better than making $250,000 / year online from a $1000 investment. You could spend $750,000 and buy an offline business that makes you $250,000 a year.
The choice is yours, and always will be.
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Rick Lim enjoys playing lots of golf, and helping others succeed offline and online.
Find out how Rick went from a mechanic to 3 hours /day online marketer with no experience.
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