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Another Use for the World Wide Web - Free Products

Feb 25, 2008
Most people surf the Internet looking for information. You want to refinance your house, what's the first thing you do? Hop on the Internet and read a few articles about refinancing, then check out the going rate at a website like Bankrate.

Let's say you want to go to a new vacation spot. A friend of mine went to St. Thomas recently. He showed me pictures of the resort where they stayed. It looked great! But what am I going to do before booking a reservation and flight to St. Thomas? Google "St. Thomas" and see what is there, where the good restaurants are, that sort of thing.

In general, people surf for information. Sometimes, however, we surf for other things - Like Money!

Well, if not money, then free stuff (which is the same thing).

It's completely amazing what you can get for free on the Internet. A quick look at a few sites and I can get free cleaning supplies, free drinks, free shoes, free nights at hotels, free laptops. Basically anything you might buy could end up being given away for free by some company on the Internet.

So, what's the catch? Why do businesses give away so much stuff for free?

It's advertising for them. Clorox recently came out with a new mop. How do they get the word out? They offer a free sample. Let's say several thousand people find out about the free sample, get the mop, and tell their friends. That's tremendous word of mouth advertising for Clorox. It's called viral advertising because it can spread like a virus.

Usually all you need to provide the company is your email address and your physical address, if there's a product that needs to be shipped. Sometimes, you'll need to participate in what are called sponsor offers.

What happens is this. Company A gets company B to sponsor their offer. (I.e. pay for it.) Then when people sign up for Company A's product, they are taken to another page where Company B makes them one or more additional offers. Sometimes you can just skip this part. Sometimes you have to participate in at least two of the sponsor offers. It all depends on the company handling the offer.

The only real problem with freebie offers is finding them. For this it is best to have a website to go to. Or even better have someone email free offers directly to you.
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Lee Cole is a webpreneur who loves to get free stuff on the Internet. If you want to find great products for free, then take a look at Lee's website .
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