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How To Succeed With Your Email Subscriber List - Love Your Subscribers

Feb 25, 2008
How can we become successful with our online business? The answer is very simple.

Love Your Subscribers!

I meant it. Love your subscribers with all your heart and soul, and you will become very successful.

Still feeling puzzled?

Let me answer a few questions so that it becomes clearer to you.

Why should I love my subscribers?

If you have been involve with internet marketing for a period of time, you most probably heard of this phrase, "The money is in your list". Well, that is only half the truth. The whole truth is, the money is both in the list as well as your relationship with your list.

You can have 1 000 000 subscribers but they are not going to buy from you if they hate you. You can have the most intimate relationship with 10 people in your list. But they are not going to make you rich even if all of them buy from you.

Therefore, before you even start building your list, you should first start off with the correct mindset. Be genuinely concerned about your subscribers. If your subscribers love you, they will be willing to refer others to join your list. So now, you are able to increase the number of subscribers you have and also build relationship with them at the same time. (Of course, there are other ways to increase the number of your subscribers but we shall not discuss them in this article.)

If I genuinely love my subscribers, what will happen?

If you genuinely love your subscribers, you will automatically do things that are beneficial for your subscribers. For example, you will only promote products that are truly of high quality and are really beneficial to your subscribers.

You will never promote products simply for the commissions. This will in turn build trust that will lead to a "win win" relationship. They benefit from the products you recommend and will be happy to buy from your affiliate link again in the future. Your profit increases and this may also mean you have more resources to benefit your subscribers.

For example, you can spend a portion of your profit to create a product that will help your subscribers. You can either sell the product for a reasonable price or even give it to them for free.

You will also take the effort to find out what your subscribers really want instead of deciding for them what they want. Remember, you don't control what your subscribers want.

If you already have a good amount of traffic to your website but can't seem to keep your subscribers, perhaps it is time to consider loving your subscribers.
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