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Work From Home MLM Business Opportunities - Automate Your Way To Success

Feb 25, 2008
One of the greatest advantages of online MLM is the ability to automate your business easily. In traditional offline MLM, most of the tasks have to be done manually. These tasks include prospecting, lead generation, cold calling, giving presentation and following up with your prospect.

In this article, I will reveal how to automate our online MLM business by answering several questions.

Take note that you can apply what you have learned to any offline MLM as well. All you need to do is to apply what you are going to discover to your offline MLM business. Let's begin.

How do I automate my MLM business?

Well, let's begin with prospecting.

Traditionally, prospecting mean starting with your warm market (People you already know, eg. your family, friends etc.) This is not necessary the best way to get started.

Your warm market consists of non targeted prospects. Either they are skeptical with MLM or they are not interested in any business opportunities. Therefore, your chance of recruiting them is extremely low.

Perhaps, you will be able to recruit 1 to 2 people from 100 people that you approached. Furthermore, you have to call them up personally. This is definitely not automation.

Let's look at online prospecting. First, we have to consider why people are using the internet. Don't you agree that most people use the internet to look for information? For example, someone using the internet may be trying to find more information about how to become a professional speaker. Most likely, he will use the search engine like Google or Yahoo to conduct his research. He will type in terms like "how to become a professional speaker" or "can I become a professional speaker even if I have no experience".

Let's not forget that they will be people who want to earn more money as well. They will usually type in terms like "how to make more money", "work from home MLM business opportunities" etc. These are the people that we want to target.

You may be wondering how we can find out what are the terms that people are searching for. This is easily done with keyword research tools. Just type in "Google External" or "Word Tracker" in Google, and you will be able to find two high quality keyword research tools. From there, you will have a rough estimate of how many people are searching for a particular keyword.

Once you know the keywords that people are searching for, you can easily position yourself in front of them using pay per click advertisement or articles. For example, if you are reading this article, there is possibility that you found this article by typing "work from home MLM business opportunity". Of course this may not be the case as you may chance upon this article by other means or though other keywords.

However, the point here is, once I have set up my pay per click campaigns or written my articles, all I need to do is to wait for people to come. I don't have to call them up one by one since I have already position myself in front of them.
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