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Different Ways to Make Multiple Streams of Income from Working Online

Feb 25, 2008
The Internet has opened innumerable opportunities to make multiple streams of income from working online. If you are new to the Internet, it is crucial that you develop a good web site before participating in any online opportunities to earn income. Potential customers usually visit websites to search for products and sometimes may purchase items they want. If they visit your website, they can bookmark and return to it when they need to make another purchase. In addition, your website rather than an affiliate website may be shorter and easier for them to remember.

Income Opportunities on the Internet

Product Selling: Selling your products from your website helps you reach the customers directly without any intermediaries. This helps you control pricing and delivery of products. You are able to offer competitive prices by comparing market prices and thereby make good profits.

Sale of Affiliated Products: Using your website, you can recommend products produced by other people. You earn commissions for every referral you make. However, there is no risk of making specific number of conversions or sales through these affiliated products. Since affiliate commissions account for a meager percentage, you should have huge traffic at your web site to make substantial income from this online opportunity. It is more profitable if you sell only those affiliate products that offer you 50 per cent or more for your commissions.

Selling Services: Selling a service requires development of excellent rapport with your customers. Further, selling services is very different from sale of products. You cannot store a service and can sell only according to the time you can afford to give. The value of your service determines and fixes the cost of your service. You remain the advertiser of your own services.

Sell Space on your Web site: You can offer space for sale at your web site to different companies. If there is high web traffic at your web site, companies would be willing to pay good sums for such advertising space. This is an excellent option to make multiple streams of income from working online.

Drop Shipping of Products: Drop shipping of products allows you to sell branded and quality products on your web site without you having to handle any hassles of inventory, sales lists, or warehousing. You only have to receive product orders from customers and then contact manufacturers to ship the products to the given address. As you do not sell your own products, you function more like an intermediary.

Own Affiliate Program: Creating your own products and offering an affiliate program on your web site is another way you can make multiple streams of income from working online. You can bring in other web sites under your banner to sell your products. You pay commissions at fixed percentages only if there is a definite sale through any of your affiliates.

Joint Ventures: Start joint ventures with businesses selling similar products and services. You can offer to host their products and ask them to host your products for a percentage of your profits. Either party pays only when a customer makes a purchase. This proves to be a profitable situation for joint venture parties involved.
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