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Online Business Entrepreneur Talks About Linking And SEO

Feb 25, 2008
All online business entrepreneurs worth their salt know that to create a long term successful business it's virtually a necessity to get a good ranking in Google and the other Search Engines. Other methods of traffic generation such as PPC and even simply buying traffic can be useful in the short term but as 'Google Adwords'

'Cost per Click' seem to be rising all the time this 'bought traffic' is getting to be more and more a short term measure and not something webmasters should see a
long term solution to getting sustainable traffic to their websites.

When Google changed it's algorithm and decided to mainly rank sites according to link popularity this was the signal for lots of link farms to spring up and the
reason for lots of emails in our inboxes asking for reciprocal links. Initially people didn't really understand the fact that the pages the links were on had to be relevant to the subject of the linked website and you could have a Garden Online Business being approached by a Watches For Sale website for a reciprocal link. This was soon found to have no value and even relevant reciprocal links have now lost most of their value as Google rapidly became aware that people were merely swapping links to try to manipulate the Search Engines.

If you ask any Online Business Owner what they consider to be the most effective medium to long term solution to getting visitors to their websites they will tell You "Get as many inbound one way links to your website from other websites where the content on the page is relate to what your website is about."

This sounds very complicated - How are you to get webmasters of other websites to put a link on their pages to your website when they don't expect you to reciprocate?

The answer is very simple. The first option, and any serious online business owner should already have been doing this, is to submit your website to Website Directories. These Directories are nothing more than privately owned 'libraries' if you like where you can search for websites in different categories. There are lots of resources for doing this and you can even buy software to help speed up the process. Normally you enter all the details normally required by the Directories and then as you go to the next Directory in the list the software pastes the information straight in to the fields required.

The next option for getting quality one way inbound links is now considered to be one of the most powerful advertising tactics available and that is Article Writing and Submitting. Article Writing can have a two fold benefit for the online business owner.
1, The article is submitted with a resource box which contains a link back to the writers website. This is a one way - targeted - highly relevant link. Great stuff!
2, People go to Article Directories, where the writers have submitted their articles and read articles about things they are interested in. They are also allowed to take away these articles and use them for their own sites Providing they leave the resource box intact - that's another quality link back to the online business owner's website.

Also people very often click these links in resource boxes, especially if it's a well written article, which brings instant traffic.

A well written article properly submitted can bring the online business owner highly targeted traffic for years to come, not bad for an hours work.
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