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New Age MLM Marketing System - How To Drive Traffic To Your Squeeze Page

Feb 25, 2008
The New Age MLM marketing system requires the use of a squeeze page to capture visitors' information. One common mistake made by beginners is to think that the traffic will come as long as the website is there. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Think about it, there are billions of websites out there, how are visitors going to find you if you do not advertise it? Therefore, the purpose of this article is to highlight three ways to drive traffic to your site.

1) Pay Per Click Advertisement

Pay Per Click is one of the most effective way to drive traffic to your site. The major pay per click network includes Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing. There are also many other pay per click network.

Generally, what you need to do in pay per click is to bid for the appropriate keywords to get visitors to your squeeze page. The advantage of using pay per click is that you can literally start getting visitors within seconds. Using pay per click effectively requires some knowledge. I suggest you get a quality Google Adwords Guide before attempting to use pay per click. Some quality Google Adwords guide includes Google Cash and Adwords Miracle.

Remember to use leverage. For example, if you have a successful campaign in Google Adwords, you can literally copy and paste the campaign to other search engine network like Yahoo Search Marketing.

2) Viral Marketing

A good analogy of viral marketing is word of mouth marketing. Generally, people like your service so much that they just have to tell their friends. The method can be very effective as words spread very fast.

So how do you use viral marketing?

One easy way to do so is to create a free report. Of course, the free report has to be a quality report that people will find useful. One very effective method is to provide a lot of useful information that people can easily apply, yet creating curiosity at the same time.

For example, you may want to sell your own product. So you create a report that reveals lots of information but you do not reveal all the information. Curiosity will drive visitors to your website.

You will want people to help you distribute the free report so as to achieve the viral effect. One way to do so is to provide an incentive for people to give away your report. For example, you may allow people to give away your report by allowing them to include their affiliate link and website url in the report.
Therefore, it is a win win situation. You get people to distribute your report for free and they get publicity for distributing your report.

3) Article Writing

Article writing has always been a very effective way to drive traffic to your website because it fulfills several purposes at the same time. It presells, educates, build credibility, create trust and drives traffic to your website. Furthermore, it is free and viral in nature.

Why do I say residual in nature? Well, once you write an article and submit to an article directory, there is a possibility that your article will be picked up by blog owners or other publishers. Therefore, you get tons of free publicity.

Furthermore, you can combine several articles that you have written as a viral report! Can you see the potential here? Basically, you are leveraging on your own effort. You have already spent the effort to write the article. Why not use it again and again?

There are many other effective ways to drive traffic. However, if you consistently use the above three methods, you should be well on your way to success.
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