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New School Network Marketing? Can It Make You Rich?

Feb 25, 2008
If you are reading this article, I assume you belong to either of this category.

Either you are wondering what is new school network marketing or you are trying to find out the benefits of new school network marketing. These two issues are exactly what I am trying to cover in this article. Let's do it using a question and answer format.

1) What is New School Network Marketing?

It simply refers to internet network marketing. In other words, you are using the power of the internet to help you in your network marketing business.

An obvious advantage of using the internet is that you are not limited by geographical location. You can easily reach people from the other end of the world from the comfort of your own home.

Other advantages included the ability to get targeted prospect as well as the potential for automation.

2) Why are the prospects more targeted if I am using the internet?

Do you use the internet? Well, what a dumb question. If you don't use the internet, you won't be reading this article, right?

However, I need to ask you a question. Why do you use the internet? Chances are you are searching for some information. For example, if someone wants to download free mp3, he will probably type in free mp3 download using Google, Yahoo or other search engine.

Similarly, there are also people searching for business opportunities online. Most likely, they will key in terms like "work from home business opportunities", "mlm", "how to make more money"

So, if you know people are searching for these terms, you can easily set up a Google Adword campaign to drive them to your lead capture page. If you do not want to use paid methods, you can always use free methods like writing an article. Aren't you reading my article now? Grin.

3) How do I achieve automation?

In traditional offline MLM, it is quite impossible to automate certain task. You need to spend time prospecting as well as following up with your prospect.

Using the internet, you can easily automate most of the tasks. All you need is an autoresponder. What you can do is to set up several messages in your autoresponder. You can decide when you are going to send out the message. All you need to do is just to drive traffic to your lead capture page. Your autoresponder will automatically follw up with your leads.

In fact, there are many other benefits of using the method of New School Network Marketing. However, this is out of the scope for this article. Hopefully, you have started to see the potential of New School Network Marketing.
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