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Article Writing Software Exposed

Feb 25, 2008
In this article I am going to teach you what to look for in article writing software and recommend what can give you the best results. I have been aware of this type of tool for quite some time now and I can tell you what to look for and what to avoid. There is much more to avoid than there is of quality so choices should be made carefully.

Software for manipulating articles into new and unique content come equipped with a variety of methods for transforming old content into new content. They are also called different things such as article content spinner, article generator, article rewriter, etc.

Often you will be told that they are all essentially the same, and this may be true as far as the ultimate goal, which is to create new content with little or no effort. However, in my book, there is a difference between a rewriter and a spinner, which are the two main types of article writing software. I believe most of these programs are misnamed.

The differentiation between them is my own definition. I haven't heard anyone mention it before but it is important to know, and yes - one is better than the other, both in terms of quality content and the most acceptable method that will give you the least amount of trouble in the long run.

Here I will explain what a rewriter and a spinner essential do:

Rewriter: When article writing software "rewrites" what it bases its method upon is substituting words, and sometimes two or more word phrases, with synonyms that you define, a built in thesaurus or both. This is the most common type of article writing software sought after because its appeal comes in its perceived ease of use, but the quality is almost always very low. Often the words in your article are replaced with ridiculous synonyms that make your article either sound stupid, way too intellectual or can make no sense at all. The only type of rewriter that is worth using is one that gives the user 100% control over what is replaced and what it is replaced with. However this often involves much more work than it is worth by having to go through every single word, look at the context that the word is within and assign proper synonyms that will make sense. You could say this is "spinning" in a sense, but it is actually "rewriting".

Done properly this can yield good results, but since the only type of rewriter that is worth anything is one that allows the user full control, human error should be factored in. To achieve desirable results the article writing software must be of quality, must allow you to have all the power and you must be willing to laboriously go through your whole articles and assign plenty and proper synonyms that will sufficiently change your article and output quality. In my experienced opinion this is more trouble than it is worth. Just imagine if you had to go through this whole article and find 10 synonyms for every fifth word or two or more word phrases!

Spinner: When article writing software "spins" what it does is it takes from content, which could be entire sentences, paragraphs or snippets of text, that you load into the software and it "throws" or "spins" this together for you building a new article. This can also have its problems, but not when you organize your project well, which is not hard to do. One method is to write more than one version of each, for example, sentence. Let's say you write three versions for each. What the software will do is take each version of your sentences at random and spin them together in order giving you ten, a dozen, dozens or even hundreds of variations from about 30 minutes of work, depending on how fast you are.

So, if you were to sit down and do a project with article writing software, with your article and write two more versions of each sentence, for a total of three of each sentence, then that is the equivalent of writing two or three articles but you actually end up with dozens or hundreds in the end because the number of combinations can become countless. This is my preferred method and the one I recommend the most to you and everyone and it is fairly easy. It can be much easier for you to think of a different way of saying something one sentence at a time than it is to write a different article from scratch for each topic you want because you don't want to place the same exact article in article directories, blogs, web sites or everywhere for the subject matter you want to share.

Spinning is superior to rewriting because it is less work intensive, has a much higher sucess rate in the end result, is using your own original content and not some trashy and cheap software that gives you ridiculous results. Plus, no one can accuse you of stealing or using frowned upon methods to create articles that offer no value because when you use article writing software to spin you are using your own original and unique content and are just using a tool that will help you save tons of time and be a lot more productive.

If you plan on using article writing software that rewrites based upon synonym replacement I would like to discourage you, whether it's because the quality is low and using these cheap tactics can get you banned or because even when done properly it takes much more time and is much more difficult than spinning your content the right way. If you insist on rewriting by replacing words with synonyms then I recommend that at the very least you use article writing software that gives you control and stick to two or more word phrases for substituting.

If using article writing software to spin content puts you off because you have to write a bit of your own content, then I recommend you hire a ghostwriter for your content because as you now know, synonym based rewriting methods give very bad results and the only time they give decent results is when you put in many more times the effort and time than it takes to spin, which is easy.

Article writing software can save you tons of time without compromising the quality of your articles, whether you need lots of content for marketing, your blogs, Google Adsense web sites, etc., but you must be sure to pick a quality one that allows you full control. This type of software comes in the form of software you install on your computer or that you use in a browser, which is typically through a membership web site that you have to pay a monthly fee for. I find that, if you decide that article writing software is for you, your own software that you pay for once is much less expensive in the long run than a membership site, which can add up to a lot after a few months.
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