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How to Start a Vending Machine Business!

Feb 25, 2008
The Vending machine business is a reliable, productive and pleasant business. Once the experience is accumulated one can make good profits from it. There are some mergers and acquisitions of equipment manufacturers and hence, there are many intelligent decisions that you need to make before you purchase the equipment.

The objective of sale can be significant to the business but it can vary from different types of beverages to hygiene products. Product demand and profit margins need to be analyzed thoroughly for each type of product. For example pop and snack machines bring back a profit bigger than the actual product value and the sales volume at your location will determine how many machines to install. It's always a good choice to simply start out with placing one machine and monitoring the sales to see if there is potential to add more equipment.

Once you have decided for a product you have to select a proper location for installation, where people stay or assemble. The location is of much importance and must be according to what you are selling for candy, balls, chewing gums the best places are where Children may wait like in front of restaurants, zoos or schools etc. Keep in mind offices and factories where you can set up pop and snack machine are also viable profit sources.

The vending machines can be either rented or bought. It is normally much cheaper to rent a vending machine because the new ones are very expensive and if they are not located properly then it could take some time to pay them off. Second hand machines are another way to go. Letting aside the price advantages for this option you can find out that some companies that sell used machines may offer a reasonable payment plan and even assure that their machines will work without any troubles.

Always be sure to check this and ask questions about the company's warranty and parts availability. You have to bear in mind that the vending machine business is related to the business that houses the machines and it should be a popular one the more people at your location the greater chance for bigger profits. Before seeking permission to install the machines remember that persistence is the key to this hard game where many businesses will turn down your offer.

Talking to the proprietor of the business rather than usual employees increases your chances dramatically.The trick is to use tactics that have worked for others in the business. As a 9 year vending operator myself I have used many tactics that have produced great results and now I have the opportunity to teach others about the business.

The percent of the earnings that you are sharing with that business is a matter to take into consideration. You have to find out a compromise between motivation of the business proprietor and your own profits. Keep in mind that there are many ways to avoid paying any commissions to your locations.

You can now purchase the vending machine either used or new. The former owner of machine should provide you with information about the success of the business; the most often found problems and most demanded products. If you put a small thought in it, with a little investment vending machines make for a big business and provide good incomes in no time. No employees are required! It is also popular since it is a ready cash business.
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Chris Robertson is a successful 9 year vending operator who works out of Toronto Ontario, Canada. For more information about how you can get started in the vending business feel free to visit Chris's site http://www.your-vending-resource.com/vendingbusiness.html
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