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MLM Lead Capture Page - Why You Need Your Own Lead Capture Page

Feb 25, 2008
Why lead capture page?

Well, if you capture your prospects' email address, you have the chance to follow up with them as long as they stay on your list. If not, you lose them forever.

But why your own MlM lead capture page?

Now, let's imagine the following scenario...

You have just joined a reputable company, with a complete package. Great product, lucrative compensation plan, charismatic sponsor and last but not least...a "personalized" lead capture page customized with your photographs, contact details and affiliate links.

Initially, you get very excited. You tried different ways to generate traffic to your lead capture page. Perhaps, you manage to get one thousand visitors to your webpage. But why didn't anyone subscribe to your opt in form? (If you are lucky, you may get two to three people.)


The reason is very simple. What's in it for them? Why would they want to give you their email address? If you want them to subscribe, you need to give them a strong reason to do so. And the only way to achieve this objective is to build your own lead capture page.

You may not have much flexibility to customize your company's webpage but you have total control over your own lead capture page. Do not let the idea of having to build your own webpage overwhelms you. You don't need a professional looking website. A simple one with a clean and neat layout will do.

Here are some basic components that your lead capture page must have.

1) An attention grabbing headline.

You need to be very clear about who you are targeting. As a network marketer, there are two main groups of people you want to reach out to...potential customers and potential distributors.

Depending on who you are targeting, you will need a different headline.

Let's look at our potential customers first.

If your product is herbal weight loss pill, then your potential customers will be those who want to lose weight

You may want to use this headline, "Discover How To Lose Weight Easily Without Exercise".

If you are trying to get new distributors, you will want to build another lead capture page with a different headline.

2) A useful bonus

The headline is meant to grab people's attention and hopefully arouse curiosity in them. If your headline is well crafted, it will greatly increase your opt in rate. However, if you want to increase your conversion rate further, simply include a bonus.

The bonus can come in several formats. It can be a short report, a 7 days eCourse or even an eBook. Just make sure that the bonus you offer is relevant and useful. Don't offer a dog training eBook to cat owners.

To carry on our previous example, if you are targeting your potential customers, you can offer an eBook with the title, "Top 15 Food That Help You Lose Weight".

If you are targeting potential distributors, you can offer a free 7 day eCourse, "How To Generate Leads Without Spending A Dime".

Start building your own MLM lead capture page now. Take advantage of the leverage offered by the internet.
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