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Three Tips for Successful Article Marketing

Feb 25, 2008
You may have already heard of article marketing. However, you may not know exactly the power of it. You can build up your image as an expert in your industry by writing quality articles.

In fact, it can be even more than just building up images. In most cases you can put the URLs of your website and products. You will be able to promote them with the articles.

Moreover, the links to your website are considered back links. As you may be well aware, the number of back links is an extremely important factor which will affect the ranking of a website in search engine results. Every time you submit an article, one more back link will be gained to your website.

In order to maximize the effect of article marketing, you should bear the following three tips in mine:

The bio box

As discussed, you will be allowed to put URLs of your website or products in the articles. Most article directory will allow you to put the URLs in the bio box or resource box. This box becomes something very essential if you are serious about your article marketing campaign. Normally, a maximum of four sentences will be allowed in the bio box.

You should put your name (author name) in the resource box. Then you will probably put the links in it. In most cases you can put deep links in the article and this will certainly benefit your search engine ranking. You may also include some free such as a free report so that you can encourage readers to click through the links.

Quality of the article

In order to have a successful campaign, the quality of the article counts. You should be writing informative article instead of rubbish. You will not be able to build up your image as an expert if the articles you write are not good and informative. You should make the readers have the feeling that they have learn something after reading your article.

Article Submission

After you have written the article, you need to submit it! Regarding the submission, you have basically two choices. You can either submit it manually yourself to various directories or use some article distribution services. However, it is suggested you should choose the latter. Usually the distribution services can distribute your article to at least 500 article directories. This will save you a lot of time. It is better to take the time to write more quality and informative articles rather than manually submitting articles.
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