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Ten Methods of Improving Sales when Marketing Online

Feb 25, 2008
When marketing online people will always feel more comfortable when buying your products if you give them enough information about yourself and your business that they feel comfortable around you and feel they "know" you. This information can be your profile, overall business history, employee profiles, Education Qualifications, any Awards you might have won, etc.

Below are ten methods you can use to Promote Yourself.

One: Publish a free e-zine and use some of the extra space in your e-zine to write about you, your website and your business. This could be entitled "A Note about the Publisher".

Two: Always have a page or two on your web site called "About Us". Alongside your information it's good internet marketing to also include some photos. This shows people you're a real person and you're not hiding behind your website or business.

Three: Why not teach a free chat room class on a subject related to your website. You could install a chat room on your web site quite easily these days (bet way) or use a free one from another web site. Before the class starts give them a little bio about yourself. This can really boost your online marketing

Four: Write articles in your area of expertise. Always include a resource box at the end of the article. This is your chance to give information about yourself and also get a good quality back link to your website. Send the article to web sites or e-zines that accept article submissions.

Five: Always publish information about you and business history in your ad copy. While people are reading through it they begin to trust you and your business. You don't want to over do this though, after all you don't want to distract them from your products for too long.

Six: Create and give away a free ebook. This is a very powerful and viral online marketing method. In the ebook include a section called "About The Author". Also don't forget to include an advertisement for your business.

Seven: Amongst all your other internet marketing try to devote some time every week to Participating in online communities like newsgroups, discussion boards, e-mail discussion lists, chat rooms and forums. You will meet many people and in return they will get to know you. This is where you can really establish some credibility for yourself which don't forget reflects on your business. If you can help a few people via these methods your reputation a an expert will spread and this can only benefit your internet marketing. Don't forget to always include a link back to your website in your signature when posting in forums. They carry great PR value from pages such as these.

Eight: Consider Promoting yourself offline. This might not seem to be too relevant to online marketing but believe me it is. Why not see if the local College has a business studies or internet class you could speak at. Speak at business seminars and join a business association or club. Assemble fund raising events for charity (Sponsored by your business of course). These are just few ideas to promote yourself offline.

Nine: Think about offering free consulting to your visitors. This is possible via e-mail, instant messenger or phone. You could even set up webinars and group calls. Your visitors will get to know you and feel more comfortable buying your products.

Ten: Donate some time, services, or products to charities. You can then list the charities you've contributed to on your web site and this will show your visitors that you and your business care about others. This creates Trust which is priceless, especially in the internet where your visitor very likely doesn't know of you personally.
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