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Super Antispyware - Worth Downloading Or Waste Of Time?

Feb 25, 2008
Over the last few years, there has been an increasing awareness of the problems that can be caused by spyware. This has spawned a little industry of companies that manufacture antispyware products that can keep these rogue programs off of your PC. Super AntiSpyware is a security product that makes bold claims to remove programs that are missed by some of its competitors. Here, we have a closer look at this product.

The amount of spyware is increasing every day. The threat to your computer is very real. These programs can achieve a multitude of tasks from just being plain annoying to downright criminal.

What can spyware do?

At the less severe end of the scale spyware can present annoying pop up adverts on your PC, as well as change things such as your Internet home page. If you've noticed your machine running slowly recently, this can be one of the early signs that you computer is infected with spyware.

More importantly spyware can record information from your machine without your knowledge. This includes keylogger programs that record your keystrokes. This could give information to criminals about your passwords. Some programs can retrieve personal information such as bank account details and credit card information. In a time when there is an increasing threat of identity theft, many people are turning to software to remove the threat posed by these programs.

What is Super AntiSpyware

Super AntiSpyware is a piece of security software that will detect and remove spyware from your PC and also protect you from future problems. Although it has not been around as long as products such as the well known Spybot-Search and Destroy, it has quickly built up a good name and has a loyal group of users.

The company behind the product claims that it picks up threats that are missed by other anti-spyware products. This is not unusual in this particular field. Some people chose to install two spyware products on their PC so that one product catches programs missed by the other and vice-versa. There are a number of free security products so cost will not stop people from pursuing this strategy. Super AntiSpyware has been designed so that it is compatible with other anti-virus and anti-spyware products, so you should be OK if you want to 'double-up' like this.

Free version or paid? It's your choice

The free version is available to home users and will provide you with a scan of your system. This will find spyware that is already on your system and then you can choose to delete these programs.

There is a small fee to upgrade to the professional version of Super AntiSpyware, but you get much more. This version gives you the ability to detect spyware in real time. With the program running in the background you are alerted to threats as soon as they are detected. You also have the ability to schedule regular scans on a weekly or daily basis. There is an annual fee to keep getting access to the latest updates or you can opt for a lifetime subscription.
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