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Feb 25, 2008
It can be tough to figure out what your niche market wants. Once you figure it out, it can be even harder to find unique products, something different and exciting for your customer. With a bit of research, you can find great products to sell in your online business.

Offer products that are in demand and offer you a higher markup. Figure out how to make sales online using higher-end products. Let's use the home-schooling market as an example. Now, I can sell a single book and make, say, $5. But what if I could offer an entire course, one with a $50 markup? Suddenly, my profits are ten times higher, without any extra work! Here's how you can increase sales and make more profits from your online business:

Step 1: Find a home-schooling product that you can re-sell. Remember, it should be something with a higher markup. If you can't sell it directly, look for affiliate programs which provide you a commission on sales.

Step 2: Write a review on the product. By writing a review, you become known as the residential home-schooling expert. People will seek out your advice, so create a one-page website for your review.

Step 3: Research your keywords, then sprinkle them around your site. Optimize your title tags, HTML tags, text, and more with keywords. Use an email capture program to collect contact information, and add a shopping cart to make it easy for the customer to pay.

Step 4: Write keyword-optimized articles for other sites. Post them to article directories, always including keywords in your bio. Customers can follow the backward links to your website, arriving on your doorstep.

Step 5: Find forums which discuss the product, or problems that the product could solve. By contributing thoughtful articles and postings, you will be known as an expert in the field. Include backward links to your site, or add a simple link that will bring them to you.

All these steps take time, the best investment you can make in your internet business. You can earn amazing profits with your online business by following these simple steps.

Remember to keep the big picture in focus so you choose products with high markups and higher prices. Before you know it, your bottom line will increase and you'll have great products in a somewhat difficult niche.
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