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Sponsoring Downline: Ride the Internet Highway to MLM Success

Feb 25, 2008
Are you marketing your MLM business the old tried...and tired way, through off-line methods? If so, are you finding you have less time, energy and money for other things in your life? Welcome to the old-fashioned way of moving your MLM forward.

In today's competitive business environment you want sustained growth, which generates growing income. How do you achieve this?

You achieve this through new wave Internet-based MLM marketing. Using this technique for recruiting downline pays great dividends. Hundreds of people could end up working under you. Why are internet marketing techniques better than traditional marketing techniques? Here are a few reasons:

* Your customers target themselves to you. They search online for products or services and click on ads that interest them. Make sure your advertising's on the Internet for them to click on.

* There is no haphazard personal cold calling where you hone in on anyone and everyone. You're not pressuring anyone to buy from your MLM. Family, friends and others do not run when they see you coming with your canned sales pitch and products at the ready.

* It's less expensive to sponsor downline this way. There's no need to run seminars and rent meeting space. There's no need for brochures, business cards, newspaper or magazine ads. You convey information to prospects through your website.

* Your leads are targeted leads - people who have an interest in what you have to offer. Your leads are not untargeted and unresponsive people who you happened upon with your haphazard, untargeted approach.

* When recruiting downline you do not waste time educating, training and motivating with face-to-face meetings. You recruit online with targeted recruiting, instead of waiting in a hall for whomever to show up. It's very time consuming to recruit one individual at a time to add to your downline.

* Invest your time in multiple MLM's; not just one. Working off-line, you only have time to recruit prospects to one MLM business. The time commitment needed for personal recruiting offers no time to work multiple businesses.

Internet MLM marketing relies on this equation: Better Targeting + Automatic (Lead Generation + Follow-Up) = Leverage

Here are three steps to recruiting downline using internet-marketing techniques:

1) Set up a lead capture/squeeze page: This is where you want internet searchers to end up. This is your webpage about your business and it offers information for a prospect to take action. This lead capture/squeeze page is where you want the person to sign-up to receive more information from you. Here, you offer the prospect the opportunity to join your mailing list by giving their e-mail address and name. If they opt-in, further develop your relationship with them through e-mails to them. When they opt in by joining your list, you have a new sales lead.

2) Drive traffic to your squeeze page: Run ads relevant to what people perform searches on. If you want to attract people who perform searches on words such as "MLM opportunities" and the like, use pay-per-click advertising. You can have an ad that shows up alongside the search results for those words. When someone clicks on your ad, he or she transfers to your web page.

3) Follow-Up with an Auto-responder: The auto-responder catches leads from your site (from the opt-in where prospects give their e-mail addresses). The auto-responder follows-up with an automatically generated e-mail. A series of these auto-responder e-mails will perform your sales pitch for you. You can have them respond at regularly scheduled intervals. You will present a lot of information to a prospect this way. Recruit downline quicker with an automatic responder that works at night while you sleep.

It pays to use internet marketing techniques to sponsor a downline effectively. Don't do things the hard way. Internet marketing techniques for your MLM business is the no-hassle way to generate income. It's the best tool for recruiting downline, where others will help grow income for you and themselves.
About the Author
Lubano Lim is Netpreneur with a passion for helping others succeed.

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