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How To Build One Way Links For Your Website

Feb 25, 2008
There are a few things that all successful blogs have in common and what it takes to run a successful blog. This involves knowledge of a simple set of facts that are common to all successful blogs - RSS feeds and one way link building. A not so widely known SEO technique can make mastering these two things extremely easy in your back link strategy.

So why are these SEO tactics so important? One-way links are central to search engine optimization and they can spell success or failure for your blog. Probably the quickest and easiest way to generate many high quality one-way links is to use a reliable blog pinging service. This should be part of any solid one-way link building strategy if you want a blog that delivers oodles of free search engine traffic to your blog every day.

Notifying blog search engines, RSS feed aggregators and blog directories that the content on your site has been updated is vital. This lets them know they need to come crawl your site for new content as soon as it is added in return you will instantly get high-end backlinks to your site faster then any other method.

There is also an added bonus to these links as many blog owners will see your feed and end up linking to you. It can give your marketing of your website an almost viral effect. These links in turn build your link popularity exponentially and can skyrocket your blogs traffic generation.

Traffic Generation through One-Way Links

There are a few key traffic tactics you need to understand at work here. One way links coming from authority sites with highly relevant content, high traffic volumes that are highly respected boost your standing with the search engines and their Page Rank calculations. Thus if your site has large numbers of these one way links pointing to it, it will increase your own Page Rank and increase your search engine rank position (SERP). This is much more valuable than a lot of links from low value sites with low traffic volumes.

Although Google is very tight mouthed about its search algorithms it is generally perceived in the SEO world that PR has a positive benefit to search results. There is another point that shouldn't be missed in this equation and that is these sites are highly visited themselves and deliver huge amounts on there own most of us have heard of phenomenon like when your site gets Digged or Stumbledupon. More importantly these visitors are highly targeted and interested in your subject and are ideal prospective visitors and/or customers if you run a commercial website.

Specialty blog search engines should be a key strategy in your blogs traffic generation plan. Many blog owners and fans of blogs search these blog search engines almost exclusively for content they are in need of. If they find your blog to be of use to their readers, they will in turn link to you from their blogs building yet more one way links to your site.

More than a link, you will also get comments, which can generate discussion about your blog and create a 'buzz'. Three of the most effective blog search engines to attract people to your blog are Technorati, Sphere, and Ice Rocket.
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Try pinging your blog with PingTheWeb a blog pinging service that lets you ping 40 different RSS feed aggregators and blog directories easily. Pinging ought to be part of your one way link building campaign.
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