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List Building - Your Cash On Demand Gold Mine!

Feb 25, 2008
A common misconception about internet marketing is that most people assume it will just happen. They believe there is a magic formula that allows them, just because they are on the internet, to somehow generate a constant cash flow in to their bank accounts for doing practically nothing. Little do they know that they are setting themselves up for disappointment and failure.

Not so long ago a good friend of mine put up his first website. He is a perfectionist. Everything had to be just perfect before it would appear on the face of the internet. And it was. He launched in style!

A couple weeks later I talked to him again and asked him how his site was doing. He tells me he took it down because he wasn't getting any sales. I was shocked. His site looked much nicer than any of my sites had ever looked and yet, I was making sales and hadn't made a penny?

Something didn't sound right. I said "what do you mean you didn't make any sales?" and he responded saying "I don't know. Zero sales!"

I asked him if he had advertised and he said he had run an adsense campaign. Now, I am not a strong believer in adsense but with the amount of advertising he did, something would have had to give.

I asked him how many people had at least opted in to his mailing list. He looked at me and says "I decided to not build a mailing list, too much work!"

I was shocked. Here he is advertising a great product at a great expense and unless he is making an instant sale by pure luck, he is kissing his hard earned money goodbye without ever seeing a penny of it again.

After shaking my head at him, I told him that he was making a huge mistake. I said "Not only are you wasting your money on advertising, but you are also wasting your traffic. If you had built a list, you could benefit from the expensive traffic week after week, month after month for years to come."

You see, once you build a list, you will realize that it is your most valuable asset. Building a list is key in any internet marketing venture. It is the list that will allow you to make cash on demand. Without it, 90% of your business is missing out, big time!

If setting it all up scares you (it can be complicated), plug in to a system that has it all set up and is ready to go. There is a few decent ones out there, you just have to look for them. Whatever you do, not ever, at any expense, neglect building a mailing list. It is a virtual gold mine. The bigger it gets, the more bling bling it allows you to have on demand.
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