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Podcasting A Modern Day Marketing Tool

Feb 25, 2008
Podcasting is one of the newest and most unique methods of Internet marketing used to attract customers to products, businesses and services. Through emails, websites and podcast directories, thousands of Internet users receive podcasts each day and are persuaded to purchase the services or products being marketed through them.

The Internet is quickly becoming the most popular media outlet and businesses are spending less money on television and radio advertisements since fewer consumers can be targeted. The television shows that the public was once watching through cable TV is now available online and, instead of listening to dated stereos, people can hear their favorite radio shows, often commercial free, on the Internet. It makes sense that businesses would want to capitalize on this new medium and brand their name to whatever kinds of media they can.

Podcasts have quickly become an integral part of every companys online marketing campaign because they can broadcast the same message to thousands of people for an incredibly low cost. One of the reasons podcasts are such successful marketing tools is because, like emails, they can be automatically sent to subscribers. Internet users can sign up for podcasts from their favorite sites and receive notifications or a link via email that there are new podcasts ready to be listened to. So a company is not only able to share their message through podcast, but they can easily let people know that the message is available.

Podcasts can be distributed through online ads, directories, websites and emails. They are easy to record and can quickly be both uploaded and downloaded to a computer. When creating a podcast to market your company, keep in mind that it should be oriented towards your potential customers and what their needs are. Though its important to supply an introduction to your business and describe the services you provide, you want to focus on how your services or products can help customers and what your business can do for them.

Podcasting is not only rising above traditional marketing tools, but its also proving to be more effective than similar Internet based marketing strategies. Unlike emails, which can be stopped by spam filters, podcasts can reach customers all the time. Podcasting gives Internet users the ability to do listen while doing other things, while reading printed materials takes more effort. If a potential customer is busy and has other things to do, they are more likely to put a podcast on in the background of their daily tasks than to take the time to sit down and read an email or press release on a web page.

Though podcasting is a fairly new technology, there is pretty good evidence that this Internet marketing tool will only grow stronger and more successful in the future. As the sales of mp3 players continues to increase and more people become familiar with the Internet, old methods of marketing are disappearing into the background and podcasting is offering a quick, easy and inexpensive way to reach thousands of customers.
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