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Computer Repair from Geeks to You

Feb 25, 2008
So your computer stopped working and you are on a project with a deadline. You can take your PC to CompUSA or call some expensive repairman, but that means losing time and money. Do you really need to know everything there is to know about computers in order to fix them?

You most certainly do not need to know that much to be able to do some basic repairs. Since you are on a deadline, you don't care how the computer works or how it broke, you only care how to fix it and get back on track fast without losing much time or money.
Do not waste your time trying to call a technician, even if he or she is somebody you know, because without being in front of the computer, any technical assistance is tough to achieve.

If your friend tries to explain, you will likely get lost or confused in the language and it will be extremely difficult for the person on the other end of the line to be able to guide you. Put yourself back into the days of the original Nintendo, and remember that you are the only one that can fix your Nintendo. Now you are the only one that can really fix your PC too.

There is an endless list of checks and diagnostics that you can run on your computer trying to find weird problems but the basic steps to get going on your repair should start with the fundamentals. The initial steps in a repair are always the same, and those steps are the following: Step One - Go to the Start Menu and click the button that is visible while hovering over the start menu entitled "run". Click the run button once and a small window in the bottom left hand of your screen comes up with an entry prompt. Step Two - Type "msconfig" (with no quotation marks) in the text box that is within the window and click OK.

Step Three - Another window will open at that point, and you now need to go to the tab on the right hand side called "start up". Step Four - Near the bottom of the new window is a button labeled "disable all," which you need to click. Step Five - Click the "apply" button just below the "disable all" button.
Step Six - Close the window by clicking the X in the top right hand side of the window and another window will pop up. Click the "restart now" option.
It sounds too easy does it not? That is exactly what a lot of computer repair geeks want you to think.
The truth is that the technical side of computers is too difficult for even them to learn so they learn little tricks like the one I just showed you to appear and feel powerful. Get yourself back on track in a jiffy with my six step system above and 90% of your computer problems should be solved!
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