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5 Features To A Quality Web Host For Your Home Internet Business

Feb 25, 2008
Although selecting a web host for your home internet business may seem like a rather simple thing to do, it is vital for you to take the time to find the best hosting service available. Unlike what many understand, selecting a hosting company deserves a great deal of research and attention. Here are 5 features to look into when selecting a quality web host for your internet business.

1. Reliability

The very first thing you want to look into when selecting a web host is the reliability of the service. What is the percentage of time the server is working properly and displaying your site? It is kind of important that your web site is up and running efficiently as often as possible. A server that is down can kill a business and take away a great deal of your money.

2. Contacting support personnel

Whether you like it or not, every web host is going to have a problem from time to time. But when the time comes you need assistance, how hard is it to get a hold of the support personnel? You want to find a web host that you can rely on to quickly fix any problems that may arise with your home internet business.

3. CGI access

If you are new to the whole internet industry, you may not be familiar with CGI access. CGI access gives you the ability to run your own programs on your home business. When first starting your business this may not be the biggest deal, but as the business progresses you will want to have as much control as possible. You want to make sure your web host has CGI access that allows you to read, write, and execute on your server.

4. POP account

Safety is crucial when it comes to the internet. There are a number of hackers and internet geniuses stealing money and valuable business information. For the safety of you and your business, you will want to get a POP account. This account gives you password-protected access to sent mail through your web site email address.

5. Domain name

Having your own domain name that you choose will allow you to include your business name or a keyword you want to target within the name. This is more important than you may think as it acts as your identity. Therefore, find a hosting service that allows you to choose your own domain name.

While selecting a web hosting company may seem like a simple process, it is crucial you look into each of the facets mentioned in this article. In doing so, you will find a reliable server that you can count on in crucial times.
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