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Are You Aware Of The Fact That Your Online Business May Be Perceived As A Scam?

Feb 25, 2008
Recently, Halifax Bank closed its online facility after customers received e-mails asking them to click on a web site link and reveal their security details. The scam has also targeted Barclays, Lloyds TSB and NatWest customers in the past two months. This scam, known as "phishing" has also hit large retail banks in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and mainland Europe during the past few years. Phishing scams are very popular among criminals now.

These scams are not confined only to online banking. In fact, they have gone beyond that area of interest. There is a steep rise in online business scams in the past year alone. Often, many online business opportunities are turning out to be mere hoaxes or ponzi schemes.

If You Are Already A Business Owner

This can ruin some business for legitimate online businesses and trustworthy entrepreneurs like you and me, because it can cause consumers distrust in general. A few bad apples spoil the barrel.

A Word of Caution to You As An Online Consumer

The time has come to smell the rat. Yes, when researching online business opportunities, you need to do your homework. Do not jump at once for making money online offers, and do not sign up for any program without investigating it. Most importantly, do not reveal your private, personal details without questioning. Also, before joining any affiliate program, or before buying any products, or before initiating or accepting any service from a company go to Google and search for the company name along with the word scam. If there are many people accusing that company, then stay far away from their opportunity.
If you just feel that something may be a scam, then don't buy it. Trust your instincts and ask hard questions if you have concerns.

The only times that I would suggest going against this rule is when a money-back guarantee is offered and is backed by a trusted source such as ClickBank. I would suggest sending an e-mail message to the company you are interested in purchasing from; ask them to explain their return policy. If they respond on that same day or the next day, the chances that you are dealing with a reputable company are greater. Read the policies and terms carefully; understand them before buying.

Some Quick and Easy Reference Tools

A great research tool to use is called Alexa. Alexa is a traffic research tool, but it can be used for much more than that. You can search on a web site to see what the Alexa rating is for certain web sites, what reviews, if any, have been written about the company and possibly the owner, address, and phone numbers.

Also use your favorite search.

Another method is to use companies like Network Solutions and their WHOIS service. In the WHOIS directory, type in the web site URL of the company you are investigating. Who is their hosting provider?
A Washington-based Internet security consulting group says that the attackers are now following the same path that businesses have, in trying to advertise themselves in their own special way on the more popular web sites.

You Have The Power and The Right to Protect yourself.Internet users have to show much more responsibility and do more due diligence than in the past. Gone are the days when computer users guarding their systems with anti-virus, firewall, and other security software were sufficient safeguards.

Today, you also have to protect yourself from some malicious or dishonest humans-in-the-loop as well as the malware and spyware. Guard yourself from misleading, luring offers made by Internet criminals! Report it if you see it online
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