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Wealth Building Secrets - "Next Stop Up The Road - Fort Knox!"

Feb 25, 2008
WARNING: Reading this page might boost your ecommerce site to new levels of profitability, new orders, and stuff tons of money in your bank account.

Its amazing how many business owners, "don't get it". I ran into a millionaire many times over who runs an ecommerce site. He sunk a lot of money into this venture - including money he didn't even own. He took everything, even the name of the former business, and now he had to sell to this guys customers. Keep in mind that this guy sold office products - a very low margin.

He took one look at what I did for a living, (search engine optimization) and said..... and I am not making this up.....

"... I just don't see the value in what you provide."

I said good, that makes two of us.

The last thing I need is another miserable frumpy customer giving me snearing looks.

I wished him the best of luck with his unoptimized 2 million dollar goose egg of a business. I kindly reminded him that if he ever wanted to make a profit at some point that he would have to sell a hell of a lot of pencils.

I am glad I am not stuck with that attitude and all that overhead.


Admit it. You lie awake in bed at night when your wife and kids have gone to bed and your stomach aches. You groan and wonder what is the point of living. You haven't a clue how to be successful online let alone in your daily offline business life. You buy Yellow Pages, you buy Val Pak, you do direct mail when you can afford it. When your dough runs out you climb the walls again in desperation.

You're not alone.

97% of all people I meet don't have a clue on what to do with their online business. Most people buy a site and throw it up. They usually get five pages, (a lot of people like five pages) they don't do anything with it and they hope that they will somehow get found. Worse, they make changes to the five pages they already own in hopes that their luck will change.

Whew.... Is it any wonder why these guys are so unpopular?

There are many ways you can get it wrong here too. If you want more orders on your ecommerce site you can hire an expert and see what they tell you.


By now you are ready to dive head first out the window. But then you get a inspired to get some real ecommerce advice. You also get the notion to get some rock solid SEO, (search engine optimization) secrets so you head down to Borders book store. When you get there you get some of the best selling books on the subject and get the same tired SEM advice...

"Just join some online discussion groups" says one cheerful book.

"Jump into online forums and try to win them over as customers" screams another.

Folks, this is crap advice. It may have worked in 1991 when your geeky step father was selling electronic gizzards online for $49 bucks a pop. But this 2007 and right now real fortunes are being made. Do yourself a favor and rip those pages out of your books and throw them in the garbage. Scratch out that last bit of advice if there is something you can use on the other side of those worthless pages.

What I am trying to say here is there are a lot of crappy online marketing books out there. And some of these forum groups are worse than a bunch of chatty women in a sewing circle from the town of Mayberry sitting on a porch on a hot, windless, moonless night.


If I sent you to a casino and gave you a bagful of chips would you go? Sure you would. And what if every time you lost 3 chips I would give you 4 more for your trouble. How long would you stay at the tables? You and I both know all too well the answer to that question. You would stay all night long and welcome the dawn.

That is how it works online.

SEO SECRETS - The real wealth of the Internet
STRATEGIC PAGE PLACEMENT - Knowing where to stick your pages
BEST WEALTH BULDING BETS - Advertise your company in every corner of the Web.
CREATING REVENUE ONLINE - Get the most out of every advertising buck

Watching out for bad tips and plays that can wipe you out at the tables. That what good Internet coaching can do for your business. If you want real wealth from the Internet then you have to know how to play the game and where to create your online marketing messages.

Getting this to work for you takes a lot of guts. You have to get a whole new set of fundamentals. These fundamentals will require a different pattern of thinking. One web site is not necessarily going to get you to where you want to be financially. It is going to take more than five pages to get you there. Since real estate on the web is so cheap these days I recommend running out and getting four or five sites. This does not have to be expensive. You can get a lot of functionality out of $10 dollar a month hosting accounts depending on what you want to do. You can expect to pay $50 bucks a month for an ecommerce account, (and secure login pages).


I'm not going to preach and tell you where to spend your money but I will say this. The other day I looked at a picture of a doctors office web site and a SEO web site and I couldn't tell you the difference. Seriously. It was so sterile, bleak and clinical. I didn't know whether to pick up the phone and make an appointment for my annual exam or to ask for marketing help. Seriously.

I like to deal with a little sense of humor if I can. I can call a tech place and have them tell me about the latest .NET apps, and Javabeans code and SEO syntax errors but what I really want to know is CAN THEY HELP ME SELL MY STUFF ONLINE? OR NOT?

Technocrats are great. But they are like accountants. They are too judgmental and clinical to take real chances. You have to make sure they don't take your marketing budget and tuck it deep into the barrel as they fly over Niagra Falls.

1.Scrap FLASH When Possible - Unless you got deep pockets I would put a hold on Flash animation. Deep pockets can get picked clean in a web design firm. After all, Flash isn't the only thing on the menu. Don't forget the video games you are going to help support for the bored 20 somethings, (yes they play video games behind your back when you are not around). And don't forget the Deep Dish pizzas either.... Tough Guy.

2.Scrap The PPC - You don't have to throw a mini sized fortune - or a gigantic sized fortune on pay per click either Jeeves. I would put a hold on this too. With all of the problems associated with PPC lately I would look for someone who had a really good handle on dealing with all 9 families of search engines. Remember MSN, Yahoo and Google, (and other typical search engines like it) only constitute 10% of your overall traffic.


Be honest with your search marketing genius. If you have a company and secretly want to be in every county, zip code, and state in the United States of America it may be a good idea to let him in on your grandiose plans. No doubt it is going to cost more than "a coupla hundred bucks".

The other thing is that you will also want to figure out how many tangent markets you have. I had a guy tell me he had a great idea for a product and his pitch went something like this.....

"I got an EXCELLENT idea for a product that everyone needs. Its about Weight Loss, Its called Weight Loss, and I am going to name it...... WEIGHT LOSS!"

Wow, I didn't see that one coming. He forgot that it was supposed to be in every state and in every corner of the web and in every county in the USA. I guess it slipped his mind.

Do you think I am going to charge him extra for his set up fees. YOU BET.

If you got 12 tangent markets you are going to have to go after each one of them. There is no real easy SEO wealth building secrets around it. You will have to build a profit funnel for each wealth building road. All of these roads are going to lead to your shopping cart and BINGO... you score. There is a lot of work in this area so you want to plan it out. I would go ahead and write it out and submit it as soon as you can to your SEO guy.
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Ted Cantu runs iMobile Media, (http://www.1seomichigan.com )and works out of NYC, Chicago, and Detroit, Michigan. He has the number 12 podcast show on www.podomatic.com you can listen to it here... http://911copywriter.podomatic.com
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