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Hiring a Real Estate Virtual Assistant: Why You Have Not Yet And Why You Should

Feb 25, 2008
Building a Real Estate business takes a real commitment, mentally and physically. There are always some tough decisions to be made when deciding the right vehicle to use to send your business to the next level of success. Hiring an assistant, either remote or on-site, is one of the toughest. On one hand, you know that you need one. On the other hand, is it the right move or are you just better off doing it all yourself?

Hiring an on-site assistant has simply become the least desirable way to go from many different standpoints. On-site assistants must have adequate training and knowledge in order to be effective. If you are fortunate enough to acquire a knowledgeable assistant, you must then be able to provide a competitive wage, desk space, computer, effective software programs. Now you enter into even higher ticket items such as employment taxes, benefits, vacation and sick pay. More and more, this option is becoming less desirable.

Enter the Real Estate Virtual Assistant. The REVA is an experienced assistant with an entrepreneurial mindset. An established REVA will be able to provide multiple references and knowledge portfolio. Choosing this route gives the agent the benefit of an assistant and the peace of mind to know that their business is being held in capable hands. So, why have you not hired a virtual assistant?

One of the main reasons that Agents and Brokers hesitate to hire a REVA is the fear of not being in control. This is not just common in the Real Estate industry, but any business owner whose main goal is to be successful develops the mindset of believing it is easier and faster to just do it yourself. So how is that working for you?

Time is another big reason that a REVA does not enter the picture. Usually what has happened is that the agents have over extended themselves time wise and still not completing everything so when faced with venturing out to find the right REVA, their first thought is how to find the time.

The next thought is usually, even if I make the time, how exactly do I go about finding a REVA that fits my needs. This brings the final hurdle, so you are over the fear, you have made the time and investigated qualified REVAs, can you afford it. These are all legitimate concerns and should be looked at.

Okay, now that we know why you have not hired a REVA, let us now take a look at these points and show you why you should.

Control Issues. Any REVA will be able to relate to this. One of the many benefits of an experienced REVA is their exceptional communication skills. In todays technologically advanced business world, there is never a reason to miss a communication. A REVA not only has access to all of these avenues but is knowledgeable and can help the agent decide the best way to always stay in touch. With the right REVA, there will never be a time when you will not be fully aware of every action being taken while you are out listing and selling homes while your business grows.

Time Issues. The bad thing about the mindset of the belief that it is just easier and simpler to do these things yourself is that if you change nothing, nothing changes. The right REVA comes equipped with all the knowledge needed and as more knowledge is available, your REVA will find it and learn it, it is what we do. The only type of training you will be responsible for is any agent specific plans. Once you overcome this issue, you have gained time, not lost it.

Money. This is a big deal. The main question that only you can answer is what dollar value have you put on your time. You need to give this a lot of thought. If you have not done this yet then this is an absolute must whether you hire an assistant or not. Knowing what your time is worth will put the money issue in perspective. Once you have a dollar value on your time, grab a pen and paper. Figure out every hour you spend on, or really should spend if you had the time, a closing, sufficient marketing, lead management, listing presentations, BPOs, FSBO marketing, client communications, website development, agent blogs, the list goes on. Now take the items that you currently do and put a price on it, next look at all the things you can only wish to do because you do not have time, determine what that is worth. Ask yourself if you could you get more listings if you had all these systems in place running without you. Could you get more ratified contracts. Think about the results. As said before, only you can put a value on your time.

How? This is not nearly as difficult as it sounds. The first thing you are going to want to do is to determine what you want the services of a REVA to accomplish. Our advice is to start small and take baby steps. Contact our company and set up a consultation, we will then put a proposal together that will outline how we plan to meet your needs. As our business relationship grows, we will make plans to expand our services into all areas of your business that will promote your success and increase your productivity.

I will promise you one thing, once you have overcome the obstacles that have held you back from hiring a Real Estate Virtual Assistant, the only question that will always remain is, Why did I not do this sooner?
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Sandi Logan is the owner of Logan Real Estate Support. Sandi and her
Real Estate Virtual Assistant
Team provides Transaction, Listing and Marketing Coordination services to Agents and Brokers around the country.
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