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Online Appointment Software: Easier, Quicker and Self-Sufficient

Feb 25, 2008
Internet applications make appointment scheduling very easy while also adding more features to make more appointments on time and with less no shows. First off, with an online appointment calendar, it will allow the company that uses the application to post their available times for the customer online. There is no one needed on the company's end to log in and jot it down, the customer can simply fill in the time that fits best for them from their home computer or anywhere with a web connection.

Secondly, the software can automatically block the time slot that the customer chose in the appointment to avoid any chance of double booking.

Unlike most problems that can occur with usual scheduling books (i.e. messy edits and accidentally erased names in the frenzy of the business prime-time), the online appointment calendar is normally backed up on a secure server.

If the client needs a paper reminder, there are normal features the client can do simply with their web browser. They can print the screen for a hard copy if needed, or the appointment scheduler software can send appointment reminders by email for reference.

The Features that Go Beyond Simple Scheduling

One thing that an appointment scheduler can do that saves time for a secretary or receptionist is the follow up calls and reminders. Depending on the software features, selected reminder notices can reach appointment holders by email or by phone. When a message is sent out for reminder this can go to the requested email address, or with some more advanced software coding, the message can be sent out by a Short Message Service.

The Short Message Service (SMS) can relay a text message to one's cell phone. Up to 160 characters can be sent normally. This technology is also smart, so if your phone doesn't receive the appointment scheduler data, it will often retry again.

Test Drive the Service

Web scheduling software can often be given a test run to see if it will fit a business scheduler's demands. You can often try the system out by viewing a demo from the site where you can enter some data on your own to see how the appointment software works. A good test drive of the program can give you a good idea of what you are in store for.

Do your research on the software and who developed it. It will often give you an idea on the quality of the service you are getting into. Contact support or customer service to see if their appointment scheduler is right for your business.
About the Author
Art Gib writes for Simpliflex (http://www.simpliflex.com), who create appointment calendar software for online application. Beginning in the salon industry as a point-of-sale system provider, they saw a need for scheduling and started the Simpliflex system as it's known today.
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