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Here Is A Quick Way To Start And Grow Your Business At No Cost

Feb 25, 2008
What do you need to start a business?

You need an idea (may be a product that you want to sell), shop in a prime location depending on your product or service type (if not a chain of shops), proper decoration, display and advertisement to attract customers and others (employees, telephone, delivery vehicle etc.).

I think you can imagine the amount of investment necessary to complete the whole process. And then you will have to wait for the customers. I hope you can also imagine the risk involved with such a huge investment. What if the business does not click?

Let's look at the scenario from a different perspective. What if we can eliminate monitory investment from the whole process? If we can do so, it will certainly reduce the risk factors to almost zero. But, is it possible?

Yes. It is possible. You can start a website or a blog and take your business online. If you would like to reduce the investment amount to zero you can start a free blog offered by Wordpress or Blogger and click start your business (just follow the simple steps in those websites). You will be amazed to see that almost everyone of your target market is available online. Starting your online business with a free blog is a great idea as when you get some success, you can buy a domain and space and start the real business.

However, there is a small catch - starting a blog or website does not mean that you will get a lot of customers from day one. You will find a lot of websites or blogs that are offering the same service and taking away your prospective customers.

To fight with them you need to have some understanding about why and how people are getting into those websites. To understand the route, you need to know something about keywords.

What are keywords? They are single or a group of words that your target audience may use to find your service. For example, if I am looking for SEO services in Florida, I might type Florida SEO in the search box of Google or Yahoo (search engines) to find related websites. And if your site is there in the list (provided in the search engine result page), I will click and go to your website. Trend shows that people do not normally browse beyond first three result pages to get the required information or services. That means your chances to get more visitors depends on your rank in the result pages for targeted keywords.

Does it sound tough? Hold on, the process is very simple. You only need some information on why search engines rank certain pages high along with a lot of common sense.

Search engines have automated crawlers and they index all the pages on the web. Thus, when you search for something, the search engines provide you the most relevant result from their index.

Now how search engines decide, which page is more relevant for a specific keyword?

Major search engines have their specific algorithms to calculate relevancy of a webpage. The algorithm mainly counts the density of keywords in a page (how many times those words are used) along with incoming links (the number of website or blogs linking to you).

Thus, if your blog or site has enough keywords (3 to 7% is good - anything more may be tagged as spam and may be banned by search engines) along with good number of links from relevant and trusted web pages, it will rank high in the result page.

You may consult a local SEO company to improve search engine rank of your website for more business.
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